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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Our 20th Wedding Anniversary (6/23/01-6/23/21)

Hello Blog Friends:   These two little ones were both born in 1942.  They lived in two different states and didn't even meet until both of them were age 59.  Both had great lives before they met  BUT--when they finally met,  their lives became even more enriched--TOGETHER!!!!  WOW---what an awesome 20 years this has been for that little girl!!!!   

I truly met one of nicest, most generous, most loving men in the world!  Thank you, George, for coming into my life  and making me an extremely happy and blessed woman.  Hope we can make it for another 20 years!!!!   Now as we begin our 21st year, let's keep on laughing, loving and searching for waterfalls!!!!  I love and adore you,  George Emery Adams!!!!

Hope you enjoy seeing my pictures today --with just a sampling of how great this 20 years has been.  Stop on each picture,  click on it --and my explanation will pop up!!!!!  ENJOY!!

Finally,  here is our latest picture,  taken along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina ON our Anniversary (June 23, 2021).  We spent several days of celebration last week at the Pisgah Inn (near Asheville, NC)...  Had a fantastic time!!!


One more piece of GREAT NEWS:   While we were celebrating in Pisgah,  son Mark and his gal,  Robin,  were vacationing in Charleston, SC.  On OUR Anniversary,  Mark gave Robin a RING--and she said YES!!!!!  George and I are SO happy for both of them... They've been together for quite awhile --and are inseparable!!!  They have so many interests in common.  One of them is to jump into that little red jeep and head out on an adventure!  They take George and me with them VIRTUALLY.   We love it...  Congrats to Mark and Robin!!!!

Here's an adorable picture of a Happy Lady!!!  Mark took Robin to Folly Beach, South Carolina, at sunrise and got on his knees!!!!  (He had asked her two sons -both in their 20's-- ahead of time --asking for their Mom's hand in marriage.)  How cute is that!!!! 

Hope you have an awesome week ahead and Happy 4th of July!