Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to APRIL!!!! Spring is AWESOME. Enjoy some beautiful TULIPS from Biltmore!!

Monday, March 2, 2020

Thinking Spring --now that it is MARCH!!!

Love and Peace Rose --8/1/19 (I love our 'Peace' roses since we have several different ones in our yard.)
Dear Friends,   WELCOME to MARCH....   Even though the only flowers blooming so far this month here in our yard are some of our many Daffodils,  BUT-- I am definitely thinking SPRING today!!!  I cannot wait to see more Daffodils,  our Crocuses,  our Hyacinths,  Forsythia,  and TULIPS....   Yeah---I'm so glad it is March!!!!!

Today though,  I'm taking you back to AUGUST of 2019 and showing you more of our Roses which bloomed in August. Our Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora Roses will begin blooming in May and bloom until mid to late Fall.

If you are new to my Blog,  then you may not know that my husband (George) loves one of his many  hobbies,  Growing Roses.  Roses are NOT easy plants to grow --but George takes great care of them... I call them "his Babies"....

I get to REALLY enjoy the roses both outside and inside,  since he brings a beautiful rose inside,  puts it in a vase ---and gives it to me almost every day during the season.  I'm 'spoiled' as you can imagine --and wish you could smell these beauties!!!!   Obviously, I love every single bloom!

If you would like to see more of our 2019 Roses in Bloom,  go to the label list on the right side of this post,  find Roses 2019,  click on it --and you can see about six more posts I have done this past year.

In the meantime,  grab a cuppa,  sit back and enjoy some of our AUGUST ROSES--2019.

Simply Magnificent Rose-- 8/18/19  (A new rose in 2019 in our yard,  and she was 'simply magnificent'!!!)

Welcome Home Rose -- 8/4/19  (This Rose is appropriately named since there have been several times when we have just returned home after a trip,  and this rose is always smiling and saying "Welcome Home" to us as we pull into the driveway!!!)  

Hypnotized Rose---8/2/19  (Always a colorful bloomer in our yard)

The original Peace Rose --8/1219  (This pastel beauty has been in our yard for many years and continues to always be a favorite!)

Octoberfest  Rose --8/4/19  (This one is also appropriately named since it features some early Autumn Colors.)

Beautiful Dreamer --8/12/19  (I love this unique pink color.)

Bella'roma Rose-- 8/2/19  (Here is another rose which has been in our yard for many years --and is always a beautiful yellow rose --with a 'dash' of pink.)

Milestone Rose --8/18/19  (We first saw and loved Milestone at Biltmore Home and Gardens, so we ordered it for us, and it has been a beauty in our yard for several years now.)

Tahitian Sunset Rose ---8/4/19  (This has always been a beautiful bloomer in our yard.)

Pinkerbelle Rose -- 8/3/19  (A new Rose for us this year,  and she has bloomed and bloomed.  Such a beauty --and I love her name!!)

Sweet Afton Rose-- 8/12/19  (I love the pale pink colors in this little rose.)

Acappela Rose---8/18/19  (I love this red/white Rose.  It is similar to another rose we used to have,  Ronald Reagan.   I miss our Ronald Reagan --but love this one.)
Well---that's enough for today...  I have at least one more set to show you,  but that will come on another week...

Hope you have a fabulous week ahead.   Our forecast this week calls for spring-like temperatures,  with MORE rain!!!!!  Hopefully,  our spring/summer flowers will love all of the rain we have been getting.