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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lunch and Summer Blooms

Do you have a very favorite food for lunch???? I love all kinds of food (which is obvious by looking at me--ha)--but one of my summer favorites is an open-faced fresh, garden tomato sandwich... I put it on a piece of home-made sourdough bread and use some low-fat Duke's mayo....... Don't tell my doctor--but I do have to put a little salt on my tomato though....It's to die for!!!!!

I never liked tomatoes at all ---and still won't eat the crappy ones in the grocery stores or restaurants during winter... But--Grainger County, TN tomatoes are fabulous... We don't have a veggie garden here --so we have to find these fresh home-grown 'maters'.... Oh My Heart---they are just so good... I could eat them all day long!!!

What is one of your favorite summer lunch foods??????

Here's a few more pictures of some of the flowers in our yard right now. Our Roses, Lilies, Daylilies, etc. are our favorites. BUT---we do have other blooms as well. Hope you enjoy some of them today.


BEGONIA (If you are ever looking for some color during the hot summer, get some Begonias. They need NO care --and can thrive through a long, hot summer.)

IMPATIENS (I have two pots of Impatiens --which I have kept year-round for awhile. I take them indoors during the winter --but they love being outside in Summer (in partial shade).


SEMPERVIVUM Bloom (Chicks and Hens)

It has been a horribly hot, muggy and dry summer here on the Cumberland Plateau. We did get 1/2 inch of rain on Sunday afternoon ---but yesterday, the rain just went all around us and headed east... We had to water all of the Roses and the plants in pots. Our rain dances aren't working here.. Can you do a rain dance for us --while thinking about your favorite lunch????? Thanks!!!!

Have a great day!