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Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Heavenly Experience 4/22/15

The title says it all...  George and I have season tickets to Biltmore House and Gardens,  Asheville,  North Carolina.  We try to visit there during all seasons.   You know about the last time we were there on 3/23/15 --since I shared the gorgeous orchids in a recent post.  If you missed that post,  click HERE.   We also saw the Daffodils on that 3/23 visit.

BUT--we should have gone back about 4/8 or 9 to see the Tulips there.. We didn't get there ---but did go on 4/22 to see the Azaleas....  Next year,  maybe we'll go all three times and see the Daffodils,  the Tulips and the Azaleas...  What a wonderful place... We feel blessed to have season tickets --so that we can choose when we visit.

THIS blog post is about our visit on 4/22...  We walked and walked and walked all over the grounds at Biltmore ---and I truly felt as if I had died and was in HEAVEN.  This was the prettiest we have EVER seen the Azaleas.  We got there at the perfect time...

SO---today I'll share quite a few pictures  (thank goodness I am not sharing all 160+ pictures I took)---and I'll do it with few words... Just grab another cuppa,  sit back and relax and I hope you will enjoy the gorgeous colors of the AZALEAS at Biltmore, 2015.  (Click on the photos for enlargements.)

Okay---that's enough for today!!!!!  I love flowers ---and remember one other time I felt like I did on this day at Biltmore.  Several years ago,  we visited Garvin Gardens in Hot Springs,  Arkansas at the perfect time to see tons and tons of Tulips blooming... I felt like I was in heaven then also.  BUT---this latest trip to Biltmore had to have been a highlight which we will keep in our memories for years to come.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the Azaleas....