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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sky Pictures from Ocean Isle Beach

Taken on Sunday,  5/6
I've always been told that if you don't like the weather in Tennessee,  you just have to wait a day --and it will change!!!!!!   True statement!!!!   BUT--it's also true at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina.  Everyday was different ---with more and different photo opportunities each day!!!!!

Today I will share for you what we experienced each of the six days we were there ---day by day!!!!!  And remember:  I'm focusing on the SKY in these pictures...  Be sure to click on the pictures to see enlargements. Above is a picture of the sky taken on Sunday,  May 6.   This was our first afternoon at the beach,  and as you can tell,  there was a nice mixture of blue sky and clouds.

Taken on Monday, 5/7
On this day,  there were more clouds than sun at times...  BUT--it didn't rain (like it did in other nearby places that day),  so we weren't complaining!!!!!

Taken on Tuesday, 5/8
Today was our prettiest day since there wasn't a cloud in the sky over us!!!  Our Inn (Islander Inn) is the one on the left with the red roofs...  You can see some clouds inland in the distance.

Taken on Tuesday, 5/8
Just have to show you one more beautiful picture of the beach and waves and that gorgeous sky on our Tuesday there!!!

Taken on Wednesday, 5/9
Wednesday was a day that we knew that rain was on the way...  On a day like this day,  the waves were churning more  (good photos) and the clouds were building in the distance (inland).   These are some of the beach houses near where we stayed.

Also taken on Wednesday, 5/9
We loved walking near the pier for more good photo ops.  We had gorgeous sunny skies most of the morning --but by mid-afternoon,  the clouds had crept closer to us... Again ---no rain until we went out to dinner that night!!!!  Then the skies opened up ---but it had all stopped by the time we got back to the Islander Inn.   See how the weather cooperated with us?????!!!!

Taken on Thurs, 5/10
Besides Tuesday,  this was our prettiest day.  The skies were clear and filled with puffy clouds...  Again,  this made for some gorgeous photo opportunities...  I worked very hard to get a sunbeam---but just couldn't make it happen.   But--it's still pretty.

Also taken on Thurs, 5/10
If it weren't for the pier,   this may not even look like the same beach!!!!  I loved seeing those puffy clouds....  AND--the water was extremely calm that day.

Taken on Friday,  5/11
We left on Friday (boo hoo) ---but this was the picture that George took about 6:30 in the morning that day from the balcony of our room.  He has some gorgeous pictures of the sand dunes that he took that week --which I will share with you sometime.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our SKY pictures from Ocean Isle Beach.  This is a wonderful area to vacation --especially during the off-season when there aren't so many people around.   BUT--if you want some 'action' --Myrtle Beach is only a fairly short drive south of here,  and there is plenty of 'action' and people there!!!!   (We didn't even venture into Myrtle Beach this time. We just loved being where we were!)

Guess what we did yesterday (5/22/12)? We went hiking in the Smokies ---a 4.3 mile hike.  AND--guess what happened????  It RAINED cats and dogs!!!!  We had our neat rain jackets on (thank goodness) --and they worked GREAT.  However,  we need rain pants now, since the bottom half of us was soaked!!!!! ha.....  Had a great time despite the rain --and got some wonderful pictures...  The hardest thing was trying to keep our cameras dry.  You can see in this picture that George is hiding his camera inside his jacket... You can see rain drops in the picture ---and that is the Little River in the background, even though it is hard to see due to the darkness....  As you can imagine,  we will both blog about this little trip soon.   OH--do WE have ADVENTURES!!!!!

Have a great day.