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Monday, September 17, 2018

DAY LILIES in our YARD, 2018 ---Part III

Day Lily Bed --6/25/18
Hello Friends,     Today is  Part III of my DAY LILY posts for 2018...  I truly hope you are enjoying seeing all of these pretty flowers.   Sometimes --when we see our world crashing all around us,  the very best thing we can do is to get outside and enjoy nature.  Go out and dig in the dirt;  OR--take a walk or hike;  AND--be aware of everything around you.

When I was younger,  I never took time (or thought I had time) to enjoy the outdoors very much. I guess it is all about our choices,  isn't it?  Or maybe is has to do with where we live.   Once George and I started hiking and taking pictures,   I began to see things I had never noticed before...

Sometimes,  the little things we see end up being the most unique, most gorgeous of all. My blog friend,  Linda,  takes pictures of Dragonflies...  I for one had no idea how many varieties there are,  and how beautiful they are.   SO---my advice to all of us is to get outside and ENJOY the beauty!!!

Hope you enjoy Part III of our Day Lilies!!!!! (Be sure and check out  Parts I and II if you missed either of them.)

Staci Cox Day Lily ---7/6/18  (another one of our unique "double" day lilies)

Canadian Border  Patrol  Day Lily---6/6/18

Lady  Elizabeth  Day Lilies --7/14/18

Chicago  Apache Day Lily ---7/9/18

Orange Velvet  Day Lily -- 7/6/18

Ed Brown Day Lilies --7/6/18 (always a favorite with the frilly edges)

Dublin Elaine Day Lily ---7/9/18  (another pretty 'double')

Bicolor  Day Lily --7/14/18  (always one of the last Day Lilies to bloom) 

Pretty Woman  Day Lily-- 7/9/18

Star Struck Day Lily---7/9/18

More  Chicago Apache  Day Lilies ---7/7/18   (I showed you a single above --but just had to add this group one for you.)

Condilla  Day Lilies ---7/10/18  (a very large day Lily --and another 'double')

Lady Lucille Day Lilies  --7/6/18   (gorgeous blooms this year)

Here's  TWO for you:  Little Heavenly Angels  (pink ones)  and Bahama Butterscotch Day Lilies --6/18/18

A favorite every year:  Buttered Popcorn  Day Lilies ---6/16/18;    This daylily loves to bloom --and since it's TALL,  it tours over over entire bed....  We LOVE it.

Fuchsia Dream  Day Lily ---7/7/18  (a favorite of mine)
 Well---if you are still here  (and not bored to death from so many Day Lilies),  I'll  go ahead and ask you if you have a favorite or even more in this batch.....  I love reading your thoughts ---and I find that most of us choose things because of the color.  I know that I do!!!!  With Day Lilies though,  it is also about their uniqueness!!!

Hope you enjoyed these little beauties...  On another note,   if you have noticed that George and I haven't been around much lately (either in the blogging world or on Facebook) ---we have been on a 12 day trip to Yellowstone/Grand Tetons --plus other areas!!!!!     You know I will have many many pictures to share with you soon...