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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Very Sad Situation

On our waterfall and hiking trip last week, we found something very sad at the base of one of the waterfalls. The waterfall (pictured above) is named SLICK ROCK FALLS. Slick Rock Falls is in the Pisgah National Forest near Brevard, NC, on a back mountain road (F.R. 475B). The elevation here is 2640 feet. The waterfall, coming from Slick Rock Creek, free falls for about 30 feet.

There are two trails here. One leads to the base of the waterfall and the other leads to the base of Looking Glass Rock, which is a rock climbers paradise. Since we are NOT rock-climbers (HA)---we were interested in seeing the waterfall. Pictures of this experience are below.

I took this picture from the road, of the falls --while George went up the trail in order to get some close-up shots of it. After he got back to the car, I was SO glad that I hadn't gone with him up there. I'm sure I would have cried.

George did get fairly close for a good side view of the waterfall. However, can you see something in the bottom left corner????? WARNING: skip the next two pictures if you are squeamish...

This poor, frozen-solid buck must have fallen from the top of the waterfall. Is this not the saddest thing you have ever seen??? Well---maybe not the saddest... But--it is very sad for sure.

Here's another view of the deer. Looks like he is just laying there--but believe me, he was dead. I hope he didn't suffer, and I pray that he died quickly when he hit those rocks. Even the wildlife have struggles, don't they?

I wanted to leave you with a good picture of SLICK ROCK FALLS. It really is a beautiful little waterfall.

I started not to do this post--especially so close to Christmas, but it just made the think that there is sadness in this world during all seasons. People who have recently lost loved ones, or whose loves ones died this time of year sometimes struggle during the holidays. Some churches offer special services for those who are grieving.

SO---today I ask you to remember those whose Christmas this year may not be joyous or as happy--for all kinds of different reasons. We all do have many blessings in our lives---but we all have those times of grief and sadness... God Bless Us ALL.