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Monday, January 18, 2010

DeSoto Falls, Mentone, Alabama (Part I)

Are you tired of all of my waterfall pictures???? We have so many---and I have really showed so few of them (even though for you who don't care that much about one waterfall when compared to another, it may seem as if I post waterfalls constantly-- ha ha). But--the bird lovers know better since I post birds alot too!!!!! Oh Well---I apologize and just ask you to wait 'til spring when our flowers come in including our beautiful roses... THEN, I will post alot of those too!!!!

Today I am sharing a special waterfall found in the DeSoto State Park area in northeast Alabama (between Mentone and Fort Payne). Nestled atop of beautiful scenic Lookout Mountain, this 3,502-acre park provides chalets, log and rustic cabins, motel rooms, meeting rooms, campgrounds, swimming pool, nature center, and over 19 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails.. George and I have visited this area on two different occasions --and I'd go back there in a heartbeat.

Today's pictures were taken on January 11, 2007. This is only one of several waterfalls in that area which we visited at that time. I will divide the pictures into two different blog posts. The first set was taken from the side of the upper part of the falls, and the second set was taken from farther away where we could get photos of the ENTIRE waterfall after we hiked (and bushwhacked) to get to a place where we could see ALL of it. The picture above is DESOTO FALLS, and below are more.

We are at the overlook near the top of the massive waterfall.

There was alot of water coming over the waterfall this time.

George 'poses' for the camera now... (Oh how he hates that --especially when I say "Smile, Honey"-- but he is a good sport!!!!)

Another beautiful picture from the top/side of the waterfall

Now--I 'have' to pose for the camera ---just to prove that I walked down there!!!! ha

This is a side view of the bottom of the waterfall... Isn't it pretty--and BIG????

OKAY..... Now, scroll back up and look at the first picture again. That is a picture of the ENTIRE waterfall.. We had seen pictures of this waterfall in its entirety on their website---so we knew there had to be a way to hike around and find out how to get a picture of the entire waterfall. Tune in tomorrow for these pictures...