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Thursday, April 23, 2015

ORCHIDS 3/23/15

On March 23, 2015,   George and I took a daytrip to one of our favorite places,  Biltmore House and Gardens, in Asheville,  North Carolina.  We have season's passes to Biltmore --so we love to visit there every few months to enjoy all of the different plants/blooms  during each season.

On this trip in Early Spring,  we saw Daffodils and Hyacinths mostly.   We hope to go back sometime this month to see the Tulips ... Then there will be another visit to see the Azaleas..... LOVE this time of year!!!!!

As we usually do,  we visited the ORCHID Room in the Conservatory... Each time we visit that area,  we see new and different orchids... Today I will share with you eight of the ones we saw during this latest visit.  Hope you enjoy the beautiful ORCHIDS today.  Click on them for enlargements.

Interesting,  don't you think??????  Different!

Another 'different' one;   Pretty,  huh?

 This last one was one of my favorites during this latest visit... I have never seen this one before with yellow/gold splotches in it.... Very nice!!!!!

Do you have a favorite today?  I love Orchids and have a friend in Florida who has many orchids and roses year-round.... That is definitely an advantage of living in a warmer climate...

Have a fantastic week.   Enjoy Spring and Nature!!!!