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Friday, January 23, 2009

Orton Plantation and Gardens-Part I

Every May, George and I take our beach vacation to Ocean Isle, NC (north of Myrtle Beach). In 2007 while in North Carolina, we drove north to the Wilmington area to visit the Orton Plantation and Gardens. This historic landscape was designed around the 1735 mansion and colonial rice fields overlooking the Cape Fear River. There are walking trails all around the plantation. Since George and I love beautiful flowers, we were excited to see the gardens. I chose 13 pictures to share--and will divide them into two posts. We think that you will find Orton Plantation Gardens a wonderful place to visit if you are ever in that area. In order to find out more about Orton, click HERE. The picture above is the gorgeous mansion. Below are five more pictures.

Above, the beautiful road to the mansion

Yipes---Who is our first visitor while driving toward the mansion?? Think he's a friendly one??????

Above, you can see our first glimpse of the gorgeous gardens!

Oh how I love Impatiens!!!

This last picture above shows more of the beautiful, well-maintained gardens and the walking trails!!! (More to come tomorrow!)