Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JUNE. My blog picture shows a gorgeous picture of my favorite AZALEA, named the FLAME AZALEA. I took this picture this past month when we were at Biltmore on 5/17/23.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Mama and Babies

This  past Sunday about 12:30 p.m. when I was sitting on the sofa working on my coupons from the Sunday paper, AND watching football,  I glanced out the window --and guess what I saw????  I saw a Mama deer and her 3 little ones near the golf course fairway out back.  I hollered at George and both of us got out our cameras...  Here's what we saw!!!!!   Above is Mama watching us --while standing 'guard'...   You can see some of the Fall color which has 'popped out' just recently.  Below are more!

Here are the three babies  (not that young anymore) --enjoying some lunch!!!

Here is one of the little ones ---as he tries to eat,  but is watching us also!!!

Here's another picture of the little ones... Even the one who is eating --is looking at us.  Can you tell?????   Aren't they just gorgeous?

Another critter jumped into this picture... Can you see him?????  He's in the shade--but obviously, is paying no attention to the deer near him!!!!

This was a FIRST for us!!!!   Have you ever seen  a  Mama Deer feeding her little ones????   These three little guys just ran up to Mom and had a nice drink!!!!!  I was THRILLED to see this --since I had never seen it before.

I just have to share one more photo of the 'feeding'....  Mama was glaring at us ---but she stood still and allowed the little ones to enjoy a drink!!!!  I don't know when the Mama's  wean their little ones --but these guys were not 'that' young....  Anyone know????

Hope you enjoyed seeing our deer today...  As long as they stay away from our Roses (and they do --due to the "Liquid Fence" which we spray),  we LOVE seeing them.  

Our Fall colors are really beginning to show off now...  We had a fabulous trip yesterday to the Smokies.  We took about 200 pictures together---and will begin sharing some of them next week.  Hope you have a fabulous weekend --and get out and enjoy the beauty all around you.  See you on Monday morning!

Have a great day.