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Monday, July 27, 2020

Gatlinburg, Tennessee --- SKY BRIDGE

US on the top of Crocket Mountain --welcoming you to join us!!!!

Dear Friends and Family,   Almost a year ago,  Mark and Robin took George and me to Gatlinburg (9/16/19) to walk across the SKY BRIDGE there.  It was fairly new --and I just HAD to check it out!!!!  I cannot believe that I didn't post about this right after we did it.... I guess I forgot!!!  ha ha...  ANYHOW ---what a great day we had!!!  Come with us on this amazing journey!!!!!

Here are these two wonderful people we were with,  Robin and Mark!!!!!  Thanks to them for this awesome day!

First of all,  we have to take the chair lift up the mountain to get to the top!

Once we were on the top,  here is what we are going to do... FACT:  This Pedestrian Suspension Bridge is 680 feet across a deep valley.   The height is 140 feet at the midpoint.  There is a Glass Bottom area at midpoint where you can look straight down into the valley below.

Mark and Robin say:  "Come On---Let's GO!!!!!"

I am now at the center point standing on the Glass Bottom ...  You can look down and see what is below you!!!!!   WOW!!!!  As you can tell,  there were lots of people there on this day!  Remember:  this was in Sept. 2019 --LONG before Covid hit us!! 

George took this awesome Panorama from the top of the bridge showing the Smoky Mountains AND  Gatlinburg (nestled in those mountains).   

Now we are headed back down the mountain on the Chairlift..  That is Mark and Robin in front of us!

This was FUN...  Hope you enjoyed our little experience today... Are you ready to join us? NOW ---it is time to EAT lunch!!!!!!!

UH OH ----Me thinks she ate a little too much lunch!!!!!!!!! ha ha
Well---I have lots more pictures to show ---but I'll stop for today.    Hope you get to Gatlinburg sometime to check out the Sky Bridge!!!!   It is truly AMAZING!!!   Here is a website for you to see many more pictures of the entire/project.  Click HERE.

PLEASE don't come NOW though...   With the Covid Virus still raging,  not one of us needs to be around so many people!!!!!  I think people have flocked here this summer hoping that they can hike in the mountains...  WELL--that is fine IF you stay away from the major trails and from the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Sevierville area.....  Let's do our part and help get rid of the VIRUS first!!!

For your information (in case you didn't read this above),   we took this trip in Sept. 2019.  Little did we know then what 2020 was going to give us!!!!!!   We would never put ourselves in the position now to get around THAT many people!!!!!