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Monday, January 17, 2022

Life is GOOD --Dec, 2021 and Jan, 2022 Updates

Dear Blog Friends,  How are you?   George and I (other than being almost 80) are hanging in there!!!!   Life is passing by so quickly now --and for some reason,  we just seem to be getting slower and slower. Wonder why????? haha

Since I haven't blogged much lately,  I decided to publish a combo-post with things which we've done since the first of December until now...Hope you enjoy my catch-up post!!!!!

Christmas at Biltmore  12/14/21

Visiting the Biltmore House with all of the amazing decorations,  12/14/21

We walked around the Antler Hill Village area after visiting the house.  We loved seeing these fabulous outside decorations in that area.  (12/14/21)

Family Christmas at the home of son Jeff and DIL Dawn,  in Rocky Face, GA (12/18/21)

A cupcake WREATH was one of our special desserts at the family Christmas Dinner

Another picture from our Family Christmas Celebration (12/18/21)

This is the first year we have used our Twin Trees (instead of the huge tree we had had since 2004)...  We feature them on either side of the fireplace.  Do you like them?

Christmas morning at our home;   Two people in love --more and more with each passing day!

No Christmas Snows this year (and none during our WARM December)---but since January 3,  we've enjoyed THREE small but pretty snows...This was the first one (01/03/22) --where we had a beautiful wet snow which seemed to hang on to everything around it!!!!

Our little home on 01/03/22

Since that Jan. 3rd snow,  we had another small one on the 6th and a third one on Jan. 16...  In fact,  I am writing this post on the 16th,  so as you can imagine  (for a Snow-Lover like me),  I'm also watching the beautiful show as it falls...SO EXCITED...

Hope all of you are well and enjoying your weather (whatever it is)....I love hearing from my Australian friends as they celebrate Summer now!!!!

Until next time!!!