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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Lights in North Myrtle Beach, SC

I know you are tired of seeing Christmas lights ---so  I promise that this is my LAST Christmas post from 2010...  We were out-of-town and I missed over a week of blogging ---so I'm still trying to catch up.  ANYHOO----today I will share some pretty pictures from Barefoot Landing Shopping area in North Myrtle Beach,  South Carolina.

Barefoot Landing is built around water --so there are walkways going across the water to the different shopping areas and restaurants.  The picture was taken from one of the walkways--looking at another one.  I love the lights --and the reflections in the water.

This shows one of the walkways going across the water.   This is a very popular place most of the year.  However,  the evening we were there (just before Christmas),  most of the shops were closed.  A few restaurants around were open,  but we had the area mostly to ourselves (which was nice).

Lots of water birds live in this area. While we were walking across the walkway,  I noticed those white things in a tree on the other side... See them????  At first,  I thought they were Christmas decorations... Then we realized that they were EGRETS  sleeping in the tree...  Isn't that amazing????

George took this picture to show the beautiful flag----but  I noticed that he got another picture of the Egrets sleeping in that tree.   I just couldn't get over seeing them there.

Barefoot Landing is an 'open-air-type-mall'  with rows of all kinds of shops.  The Christmas decorations around those shops were very pretty.

There were even some Egret decorations at Barefoot Landing... Aren't they pretty???

Finally,  here is a picture of the beautiful Carousel at Barefoot Landing.  I used to call them "Merry-Go-Rounds"....   This one was closed --or else,  I would have taken a ride!!! (That's 'my' type of amusement ride.... ha ha )

Even if it's January,  I hope you enjoyed seeing the Christmas lights from Barefoot Landing.  If you ever get to North Myrtle Beach,  check out this gorgeous place.

Our snow just keeps on giving!!!!   George says that I got what I asked for.  He has cleaned the driveway 3 times and there's more snow on it today... When will it quit?????  We are home-bound since we live on a steep hill ---and are out of our daily bananas... BUT--there's plenty of food in the house and we'll catch up on the bananas if and when we ever get to the store...  Snow-Snow-Go Away.. Come Again Some Other Day!!!! ha