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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our Yard on September 28

Now that it's October 1st, I want to share with you a few more pictures taken in our yard on September 28. We've had a warm and WET (lots of rain) September --and because of that, we still don't have much Fall color here on the Cumberland Plateau. However, the weather has changed the past couple of days and we have had nights in the 40's. Yeah!!! That should help us get some colored leaves soon!!!!!

Anyhow, here are some photos taken this past Monday. The first picture was taken outside of the garage--looking across our front yard, toward the street. You can see that our Dogwood is still a pretty color --and has not lost many of its leaves yet. More pictures are below.

Another picture of our colorful dogwood; You can see the Impatiens still blooming in the bed below the Dogwood.

A view looking at the Roses --along one side of our driveway

A view of the 'new' flowerbed in front, near the road; That is Periwinkle growing along the bottom/side. We have two Rose bushes planted in this bed so far (more to come). The far one in this photo is named Veterans Honor and is one of my fav's. It has one rose blooming already --with more to come. See that red rose on the side closest to the wall????? It is the first flower to bloom in this new bed. Other beauties are planted (Irises, Lilies and Daylilies) --and should bloom next Spring/Summer.

Here's a close-up picture of our gorgeous Confederate Jasmine bush. It blooms from spring through fall... So pretty---and this is the bush that the Brown Thrashers used for nesting in the late spring.

I've shown pictures before of our Autumn Joy Sedum --as they change colors (from a whitish color, to a light pink, to a dark pink -now, and eventually to a dark rust color). If you don't have these in your yard, you need to get some. They take VERY little care--and are just so pretty--especially now. Don't you think?

Here's one more picture of the Autumn Joy Sedum. I included this one since the sun was peaking through. Aren't they just gorgeous??? AND--the bees love them too!

Finally, here's a picture of our home taken from the road. There's a tiny bit of yellow color in the back yard which you can see, but so far, we really haven't had much color change. I'll keep updating you as we do get more color here. In the meantime, enjoy Fall where you are!!!!