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Monday, April 29, 2013

Waterfalls at Fall Creek Falls State Park, Tennessee

Us at Cane Creek Cascades (45 feet)
On April 21, 2013,   George and I traveled about an hour south of where we live to visit a VERY SPECIAL place,  Fall Creek Falls State Park, here on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee.  (In order to find out why this trip on this date was so special,  be sure and read George's blog --click HERE..) 

One thing which has attracted us to this park since our first trip in 2001 is its WATERFALLS.    Both George and I have showed some of the waterfalls on our blogs in past,  but today,  I'm going to show you ALL six of them.  There happened to be LOTS of water flowing on this trip--so we did get some great photos.  Hope you enjoy seeing them ---and if you love waterfalls,  you MUST visit this area sometime!

Fall Creek Falls  (256 feet)
Here is the 'main' waterfall in the park,  Fall Creek Falls.  Most people who visit here will visit this waterfall --even if they don't always see the others.  There's just a very short hike to see this one (from a distance) --unless you hike down to the base.

Coon Creek Falls  (250 feet)

This waterfall  is right next to Fall Creek Falls and is called Coon Creek Falls.  Usually,  this one is VERY dry. 

Cane Creek Falls  (85 feet)
One of the beauties in the park is Cane Creek Falls.  Above you will see it from an overlook looking down at it.  I love seeing it when the sun is just right --and there's a rainbow.  Neat, huh?

Rockhouse Falls (125 feet)
Here's a picture from the overlook of Rockhouse Falls.  As you can see,  both Cane Creek Falls and Rockhouse Falls are not very good views.  That is why we hiked to the other side to get some better pictures.

Rockhouse Falls  (125 feet) and Cane Creek Falls (85 feet)
We hiked on the other side of the creek to a great overlook --where we could see both Rockhouse Falls and Cane Creek Falls.  Can you see how much better the views are from this side.  I will show you both overlooks where we saw these falls. They were across from each other.

Here we were standing on the overlook with the good view of Rockhouse Falls and Cane Creek Falls as in the picture above, looking down toward the other overlook (where we took the side pictures and the view showing the Rainbow).

AND--here is the overlook on the other side.  I took this picture looking up at that overlook... Can you see that person standing up there--with a white shirt on????  That's where the 'good' overlook is ---after we hiked to it (from Fall Creek Falls).

Rockhouse Falls (125 feet)
Here's a good picture of Rockhouse Falls  from the overlook  (that you can see in the above photo).  This is the most water I have EVER seen coming over this waterfall.

Piney Creek Falls (95 feet)
This photo was not taken this year.  We did not see Piney Creek Falls this time --but have seen it several times before. It is harder to see --but one year,  we did manage to get a good photo (from an overlook in the distance).

Finally,  here's another photo of George and me --taken that special day on April 21, 2013... We are sitting on a log at the Cane Creek Cascades.

Hope you enjoyed seeing all of the waterfalls at this fabulous state park.  We are blessed to live so near to it --and can enjoy it several times a year.

Have a fabulous day.  Don't forget to check out my Photo Blog on Wednesday.  Click HERE to see another photo from Fall Creek Falls on Wednesday.


Friday, April 26, 2013

More Backyard Birds

There have been a few more birds visiting my feeders recently...  So today,  I will share some photos for you. Above is a bird who visits us regularly from spring through fall each year.  It is a Brown Thrasher.  Be sure to click on the photos in order to see enlargements.

I love putting peanuts out for the birds.  The Blue Jays LOVE them!!!

Mama Bluebird loves the mealworms I put out for them... Another bird that likes the mealworms is the Carolina Wren.

Our male Goldfinches are getting their gorgeous yellow and black colors now.

How many Pine Siskins will fit on a plate?? ha ha.. The Pine Siskins weren't around much at all until recently --but there are LOTS of them these days!!!

I love this photo of one of our resident Mourning Doves.  Two of them are around --most of the times in the evenings.  They do like to 'hog' the plate feeder!!!

This is not a good picture (I was shooting through the screen door) --but I wanted you to see the Crossbills one more time.  They (and the Purple Finches) were around here for a few days--but I haven't seen them lately.  There were at least two of them --and I love their 'rust' colors!!!

Here's one more picture of a CROSSBILL up close and personal.  Again,  I apologize for the photo quality due to the screen door being between me and the bird.

Here is a cute little Chipping Sparrow.  We have a few of them around these days --but not too many.  They are cute little birds.

Mr.  Pileated is gazing up at the suet feeder... He acted like he had never done that before --so he was figuring out what to do!!!!

WELL---he made it!!! He climbed the pole --and enjoyed some suet for lunch!!!  Oh--such a pretty bird!!!!

I was THRILLED to get so much great response to my blog post this past Monday on Introverts and Extroverts...  Click HERE to see that post and the comments.  There are some great comments --and it appears as if MOST of us are adaptable to the situations around us, and most of us have a little introvert AND a little extrovert in us.  I'll do another similar post sometime since most of you seemed to enjoy it.  

Hope you also enjoyed seeing some of my backyard birds today...  Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you on Monday.  (By the way,  I hope you didn't miss my Photo Blog picture on Wednesday.  Click HERE if you missed it.   Hope you enjoy it!)


Monday, April 22, 2013

Are you an Extrovert or Introvert?????

From the Internet
I used to do a Friday Blog Series called,  "Let's Talk Fridays"... Do you remember that? I would talk about specific topics --which we would all discuss.  (You can see some of these posts  plus some other discussion-type posts by looking on my sidebar and clicking on the label,  TALK)  It was fun ---so I'm going to do something similar on occasion,  obviously not specifically on Fridays!  I'll call this series,  Discussion 2013....  If you think of topics which would be great for discussion,  please let me know.  Thanks!

Today's topic is about whether you and I are an extrovert or an introvert...  I'm curious about bloggers specifically since I 'think' that many of us have more introvert qualities than extrovert qualities... But---I may be wrong.

From the Internet
Most of us have taken those personality tests in past, myself included.  I have always tested almost on the line between being an introvert and an extrovert... I fall in the introvert column more than the extrovert one...

Recently,  a good friend of mine --who has known me for years,  introduced me to her daughter, saying that I was an extrovert...  I didn't correct her ---but it certainly made me 'think'....  AND--when I'm thinking, of course,  I come up with a new blog post... ha ha...

From the Internet
I'm sure I appear to others as someone who is an extrovert.... I 'seem' to be very outgoing ---and am always smiling and seem to be very happy, keeping the true feelings within many times... WELL---I learned to be outgoing,  due to all of the jobs I have had for many years,  working constantly with people, and being in the spotlight (in the field of music, drama, ministry)...

I was a Christian Educator for many years,  and worked with TONS of church volunteers.  I loved those people --and depended on them in order to do my ministry...  BUT--I sometimes would go to work at 7 a.m. ---in order to get my work done before the people started stopping by my office to chat.. 

From the Internet
BUT-if you want to know the 'real me'---I am one who prefers to be in a one-on-one relationship (like I am with George, or one --or just a few-special friends at a time),  never preferring to be around large groups of people.  I'm truly not much of a people-person although I love blogging and Facebook and being around people in that situation when I'm sitting in my own home, and can turn the computer off and on at will.

But--I also enjoy being with a FEW people at a time ---maybe dinner with a couple of good friends.  That is just perfect for an introvert like me!

I  was always shy ---and all through my life,  even when I was working on my Master's Degree,  I struggled being in a 'group' situation in various classes.  My husband is REALLY an introvert (much moreso than I am) who loves getting lost in a good book, and doesn't talk alot--compared to me.  I've never been a bookworm ---but love to get lost while working on Family History on my computer!!!!

From the Internet
I love this description of the differences in an introvert and an extrovert....  How do you fit in this group????   One of my good friends is a huge extrovert..  She and I have clashed due to our differences ---but we are still great friends and have grown in understanding of each other through the years.  She doesn't understand or like blogging AT ALL--and prefers to be around lots of people most all of the time.   Some things we truly cannot discuss.

The biggest difference in us is  what we expect from a friendship... I have lots of 'friends' --but not many really special friends.  I expect ALOT from those special friends (since I love one-on-one friendships) ---but since she has TONS of  best friends,  I've had to adjust to the idea of sharing her with lots of other people,  and realizing that I am just one of many special friends to her.

From the Internet
This extrovert friend is totally a people-person ----who wants to be around people constantly and loves big groups and parties.  She has more energy than I have ever had.  How can two people who are so different be good friends???  Sometimes, I wonder!!!! ha

From the Internet
WELL---whether you are an extrovert or an introvert,  the fact is that we all NEED each other.  AND--it takes all of us to make up this world... Blogging has been perfect for me---and I can be 'outgoing' on a blog (or email or Facebook) ---while sitting in the comforts of my home!!!!!   How about you????  How do you fit into this wonderful life of ours????   I'll continue to be an INTROVERT ----but when I meet others,  I can be as friendly and outgoing as any extrovert!!!!  How's that????? ha ha

From the Internet
I will close with one more poster from the internet....  I love my introvert husband.  He's the smartest man I have ever known... Thank God for introverts!!!!!


Friday, April 19, 2013

YELLOWSTONE --- Day 2, September 20, 2012

I am continuing to share our western trip in September of 2012.  This is part II of our 2nd day in Yellowstone.. If you missed Part I,  click HERE.   On this post,  we are continuing to check out sites along the North Rim of the Canyon Area of Yellowstone...  If you want to read more information on this area, click HERE

The photo above was taken at the GRANDVIEW Area.   I loved seeing the Grand Canyon (Arizona) in 2011---but seeing this canyon in Yellowstone seemed even more gorgeous!!!!  If you click on the photo,  you can read the info about this area.  IF you EVER get to Yellowstone,  do not MISS the Canyon area.. It's tremendous!!!

Click on all photos for enlargements... I  'think' ??? that Blogger fixed the Slideshow now.

Here is a picture showing the Yellowstone River DEEP down in the canyon... Isn't it awesome?

I love this picture of the canyon.   It takes me forever to go over all of the photos --and then choose one or two to feature!!!!!!

This  collage show you more photos of this amazing area.

Here is a larger version showing the canyon and its steepness and rugged terrain.

The other area that we visited on the North Rim was  Inspiration Point...  This is another area which you should not miss ---if you get to Yellowstone..  For a map of the canyon,  click HERE.   The picture above is a view taken from Inspiration Point. Can you believe the colors!

This  collage shows more photos from Inspiration Point.

Here is another close-up of the canyon.  Amazing,  isn't it???

This  is a photo from Inspiration Point --at a distance -- of UPPER FALLS (which I will feature in my next Yellowstone post when we start our hike on the South Rim). 

Here is a collage showing more photos from Inspiration Point.  The one in the middle shows UPPER FALLS --using the long lens.

This is George doing what we both did the entire trip----taking photos!!!!! ha

Here's one more collage  of us as we checked out the areas of Grandview and Inspiration Point...  This is truly one very amazing place...  Hope you enjoyed seeing more of our Yellowstone photos.

Have a great weekend,  and I'll see you on Monday.