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Friday, January 30, 2009

A Love-Hate Relationship

"Well, Hello there, Beautiful!!!" OH--ya gotta love these gorgeous creatures!!! After all, didn't you see "Bambi"???? How special they are!!!! I've blogged about them many times before--and truly do love them!! BUT............?????
BUT--- they aren't so darn cute when they come into our yard and eat our flowers and shrubs. GRRRRR!!!! Why can't they enjoy dinner in someone else's yard??? Why OURS? I guess it's because ours has so many entrees for them to enjoy!
George and I could go into business telling others in the same situation (who live in the woods) what works and what doesn't work. We've tried it all--and although I'm not getting paid for this free advertisement, the best thing we've found is a spray called LIQUID FENCE!!!! The spray is costly (but worth it) and it does STINK--when you spray it. However, the smell goes away quickly. And--this spray doesn't hurt them, or any critter. They just don't like it---so they stay away, thank goodness!
We have used Liquid Fence for almost two years now---and we have had NO more deer in our yard eating our shrubs and flowers, like we had before we found the Liquid Fence. SO---right now, this love-hate relationship is only a LOVE relationship. It's hard to live in the woods and also have beautiful flowers.. Right now, the Liquid Fence allows us to have our flowers --and also enjoy seeing the deer--from a distance!!!
Ya Gotta Love 'Em.... AND---Ya Gotta Hate 'Em! ALL I know is that we've spent a small fortune trying to 'control' 'em! Oh Well--Tis life in the mountains! Here are some deer pictures we took on 1/26/09. George took the pictures from inside our home--facing the golf course fairway behind our home.

"Hey Barney, Come on down here."

"But Daddy, I'm thirsty.. Wonder if I can get some water out of this ice?"

"Oh Mable, that feels goooooood! Scratch a little to the left please."

"Barney, there's an ole woman standing there looking at us. Besides, we can't go in THAT yard. Let's GO."

"Aw Shucks, Daddy. I just wanna go and visit that pretty yard. My dinner is in there. Pretty Please, Daddy."