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Friday, March 7, 2014

Someone I know and LOVE has a Birthday on Sunday!

At Petit Jean State Park (2/24/14)--with the Arkansas River in the background
Today,  I am featuring my Sweetheart --who has a birthday on Sunday (March 9)...  Shhhh!!!  Don't tell George that I told you that he's going to be 72 years young on Sunday!!!!!  He's SO much older than I am you know!!!!  (I won't turn 72 'til August... Tee hee).....  BUT--we both think of ourselves as young kids ---even though the aches and pains certainly tell us sometimes that we can't do things we used to be able to do! But---we still TRY!  ha

This blog post today consists of more of our pictures from last week's trip to Mt. Nebo in Arkansas.  As you can imagine,  I always enjoy taking LOTS of pictures of my Honey Pie!  Hope you enjoy the photos today!  Be sure to click on them for enlargements.

At Rock House Cave at Petit Jean State Park,  2/24/14

At Bear Cave at Petit Jean State Park, 2/24/14

At Mt. Magazine State Park,  at Signal Hill,  2/26/14

At Mt. Magazine State Park, at one of the overlooks  (on a VERY cold day), 2/26/14

At Turtle Rocks at Petit Jean State Park, 2/27/14

MY HERO----holding up a huge boulder so that I could walk under it!!!!!   (har har) ....On the Cedar Falls trail,  Petit Jean State Park, 2/27/14

At Cedar Falls,  Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas 2/27/14

A fantastic photo of 90 ft high Cedar Falls,  Petit Jean State Park,  taken by my Sweetie Pie with his tripod and special filters.... Awesome,  isn't it?   (2/27/14)

Late in the afternoon at our wonderful cabin at Mt. Nebo State Park, Arkansas,  2/27/14

She says "THANK YOU" for loving ME --and bringing me here (cabin at Mt. Nebo State Park, Arkansas, 2/27/14)

Hope you enjoyed seeing more photos from Arkansas... Now --would you please go to  George's blog (click HERE)---and wish him a very Happy Birthday!!!!   THANKS!

We are going to be celebrating this next week---so here comes another Blogging Break for me!!!!  I want to spend every second of every day with him!  I'll either post an update on Friday the 14th,  or Monday the 17th  to let you know about all of the UPCOMING FUN we will have this next week!!!!!

Have a wonderful week... Love and HUGS to you ALL,  and thanks for being patient with us this month!!!  We are just scheduled to the BRIM!