Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JULY!!!! Our Lilies are blooming now... So gorgeous!!! Here is one of my many favorites! Meet DIZZY.

Monday, October 15, 2018


Pretty FALL Re-blooming IRISES, named  My Friend Jonathan,  10/1/18
Dear Friends,   My post title today is not what you are expecting.   I know you were thinking that I'd be posting gorgeous 'leaf' colors since it is mid-October...  WELL--the answer is NO....Until a few days ago,  we were still having summer-like temperatures here in Tennessee.   Therefore,  everything is still GREEN around here.   BUT--now that we are finally getting some Fall weather,  maybe the trees will turn and maybe we will get some Fall Colors here --even if it might be in November.

The one advantage of our summer-like temperatures and lots of rain in September is that we do have some pretty color in our yard from the ROSES and the re-blooming IRISES..... Hope you enjoy today's pictures....

Milestone ROSE,  10/1/18

Pink Promise ROSE,  10/4/18

A beautiful ROSE named Sedona,  10/4/18

One my my favorite re-blooming IRISES,  named Clarence,  10/1/18

I love  the pastel colors in April in Paris ROSE, 10/4/18

Strike It Rich  ROSE,  10/8/18

Double Your Fun IRIS,  10/10/18  (not a good picture of this little colorful beauty)

Tropicana ROSE, 10/8/18

Royal Welcome ROSE,  10/8/18

Harvest of Memories IRISES,  10/4/18

Elle  ROSE,  10/8/18  (Love the colors in this rose)

A beautiful ROSE named Paradise,  10/8/18

Waltz Across Texas IRIS,   10/10/18

Malibu ROSE,  10/10/18

A pretty group of Iceland IRISES,   10/10/18

A close-up of an Iceland IRIS showing the pale lavender edges  (which you can't see as well in the group picture above),  10/8/18

A very pretty ROSE named Queen Elizabeth,  10/10/18

I usually like the Roses better after they open --but this bud caught my attention.  Her name is Sweet Afton and she has an amazing aroma also..   Taken 10/10/18
Hope  you enjoyed seeing some of our October Blooms.... Neighbors here are putting out Mums in their yards in order to add some Fall Colors --but we have plenty of other colors in our yard now, don't you think?

How is October in your area?   Do you have any Fall Leaf Colors yet?

Have an awesome week!