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Monday, February 24, 2020

Our 3 inch SNOWFALL ---2/20/20

They finally scraped our road!!!!!  NOW --do you want to come and sit on the BENCH with me????? ha
Oh My Goodness.... This ole 'snow lover' woman  has MORE snow pictures to show you this year...  I knew that IF we could  get the cold fronts and the warm fronts together at the same time, we would have the possibility of getting some snow this year...   It's been a remarkably warm Winter overall for us with TOO MUCH RAIN.... BUT --even still,   we managed to get another nice little snow on Thursday,  2/20/20....  This was our 'largest' (THREE INCHES) one this year so far...  I know that's not much to many of you --but to us,  it's a really nice snowfall!!!!!

SO---grin and bear it with me again today please...  Each time I show snow pictures,  they are a little different from the last one!!!!

The Trees were glistening!!!!  SO pretty!

This little car got stuck trying to get up our big hill.  He had to back down and park in someone's driveway for awhile...

One of  our SHRUBS in front...

The Side Yard;  Look at all of the Daffodils coming up!!!

Our Front Yard;  Again you can see some Daffodils...  There's one BLOOMING.  Can you spot it???  As you can tell,  most of our Daffodils have not bloomed yet. 

I love seeing the snow clinging to the big trees.

Back Yard --looking out toward the Golf Course fairway.... Surprise!!!  Nobody is playing Golf today!!!! ha

Close-up of our Picnic Table;  Don't think there will be any picnics around here though!!!!

The Snow is 'protecting' our Rhododendron.. NOW --If I could just keep the squirrels from chewing off the buds... This is the first year that they have done this... Grrrrrr.

The back corner of the deck,  looking out toward the Golf Course.

Darkness is upon us.... My new iPhone takes really good night pictures....

Totally dark out there now.... The deer were out... See them?

One of the favorite things to do is to check outside early in the morning after a nice snow and search for all of the "Night Critter" Visits!!!!

FINALLY,  the next morning!!!!!  Love the sunshine and blue skies --although it was still about 17 degrees when I took this picture.
That's enough for now!!!!!   BUT--I only took about 50 more pictures!!!! ha ha ..... Today,  as I write this post,  most of the snow is gone except where it is shady (like our deck).....   BUT--the temperature outside today should be about 50 degrees ---and rain comes back on Monday... SO---bye bye snow!!!!!!

Have a fabulous week my Friends!