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Thursday, January 6, 2011

More from Ocean Isle Beach in December

As you know if you have read my recent blogs,  George and I went to Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina for a few days before Christmas.  If you didn't see any of my other pictures from there,  go to my sidebar and scroll down to Labels.  Click on the label named 'Ocean Isle 12-2010'...  This is my 4th post from that trip.

Today I'll share with you a few more pictures around the Islander Inn where we stayed.  Above is a picture of a very happy woman --to be at the beach on a sunny afternoon in December!!!  Below are more.

The sun was setting ---and I loved the color it produced of the area around the Islander Inn.  Isn't this a gorgeous picture?

George was happy to be at the beach also, even though the sun was in his eyes...

I took this picture of George as he was walking back from the beach on a COLD day to take some pictures.  Can you see him down there --with his red hat and his camera bag over his right shoulder?

George took this picture of me ---standing on our balcony (right after I took his picture).  See me up there in my Christmas sweatshirt????

And--here's one more picture of George walking back to our room at the Islander Inn.  Obviously,  there was nobody swimming in our pool (HA) and nobody even sitting in the little gazebo.   Did I tell you that it was COLD there,  especially when the wind blew?

I still have about three more sets of photos to share from this little trip...  MAYBE I'll catch up someday!!!!! ha

Have a wonderful Thursday!!  Today is Epiphany---- which is when the three Wisemen (Magi) visited the Baby Jesus.  Yesterday was the end of the official Twelve Days of Christmas.  Many people think that the twelve days are BEFORE Christmas --but they are officially the 12 days after Christmas ending on January 5.