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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Good News after some Bad News!

Our Home the morning of Feb. 13 (6:30 am) after our 5+ inch snow
Well---unless you have followed me on Facebook or heard from me this past week,  you may not know that our special Valentine's Trip had to be cancelled!  We had reservations to go to Cashiers,  North Carolina, to stay in a quaint little inn there in the mountains for a few days.  We had been looking forward to this trip since we were going to do some hiking and searching for waterfalls.

If you followed the weather talking about the horrible winter storms in the south,  then you'll know that Cashiers was in the path for 14 inches of snow plus ice plus power outages, etc....  Yipes!!!!  We couldn't get to Cashiers... We were SO disappointed!

Luckily for us though,  the owners of the inn allowed us to change the dates... SO----we'll get to go again at a later time!!!!  Great News (after the bad news),  don't you think????  We have never been there but it looks like an awesome little inn in the mountains. 

The other good news we had this past week (besides our fabulous Valentine's Day Celebration which I shared with you on Monday) was that, after almost NO snow here this winter,  we FINALLY got the 'perfect' snow (2/12-13).   It was part of that same sytem which crippled the south ---yet we just got the snow here, and nothing severe.

We got FIVE + inches (measured on our deck table) of beautiful wet snow which clings to everything.   This is 'my' kind of snow because we can get gorgeous photos.  The temperature was not too cold ---so we could get out and take a nice, long walk.  AND---the best news is that the sun came out the next day and much of the snow is already melted..... Like I said,  the 'perfect' snow!!!!!!

Today,  I'll show you some of the photos I took the night of the 12th and then early (6:30 am) in the morning on the 13th...  In another post,  I'll share photos from our walk later that morning--after the sun came out.  Get another cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy my snow photos from the comfort of your WARM home!!!!!

Above is one of my favorite photos of our home after the snow... Below are more taken during or after the storm... Be sure to click on them for enlargements.

Our big Rhododendron just as the snow was beginning to come down heavy (afternoon of the 12th)

After dark,  the snow was really coming down hard!!!  I was so excited!

Our Holly Bushes near the front door--early the next morning

Our front yard looking toward the Pink Dogwood Tree (which is now a White Dogwood)

You can see our Azalea and our big Jasmine bush--but the sidewalk is covered!

The lower side of our home;  I love seeing the flag blowing in the breeze.

Looking down our road;  Obviously the roads here were in bad shape!  Luckily, we didn't have to get out ---other than to walk!

Looking at our front yard toward the upper side;    See those sticks?  That's some of our Roses... Think we'll get some blooms now????? ha ha.... NOT til Spring!!!

The wet snow was clinging to everything.  This is one of our Redbud trees.

A photo of our lower side yard;  you can see the woodpile down there.. I'm glad that George had some dry wood in our garage!!!

Want to come and sit on the bench for awhile?????   I think NOT... ha

Our Backyard --looking toward the golf course;  The table is where I measured our 5+ inches.

Our upper side yard --looking at the snow-covered blocks of one of our flowerbeds

Lots of snow clinging to anything it can!!!!
Here's one more photo of our home in the pretty snow!
Hope I didn't bore you with all of these photos.  I know that many of you have way TOO much snow in your area --and I can certainly understand why you wouldn't like snow.  My sweet hubby grew up in Indiana and had his share of snow growing up... But--I'm from the SOUTH.  I have never seen too much snow... SO---when we do get one like we did this time,  I LOVE it.... 

BUT--I will end with a big statement:  Now that I've had my 'snow fix' ---I am truly ready now for Spring... SO---bring it on!!! ha ha