Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to MAY!!!! Spring is AWESOME. Enjoy some beautiful IRISES from our yard. Meet "Goodnight Kiss"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring in our Yard--3/21/11

Spring is quickly 'springing' in our yard.  Even though it's only March,  I wanted to share a few pictures I took yesterday around the yard.  Above shows our side flower bed (on the upper side).  In this bed are planted:  Crocuses (already bloomed out),  Hyacinths,  Daffodils (blooming now),  Tulips,  Daylilies,  Lilies,  Semps, and Irises. To the right of this bed, you can see some of our blooming Periwinkle.  Below are more pictures.

These are the flowers which are blooming now in the little round flowerbed around the Dogwood Tree.  We have 3 little round flowerbeds in our yard.   You can see Pansies (planted last Fall --and made it through the winter) and Daffodils (called Jonquils by my mother).  NOTE:  Last Fall we planted about 75 Pansies --and they have lasted all through the winter and are gorgeous now, all over our yard.

Here is a picture of that same little round flowerbed,  but you can see more of our beautiful blue ground cover,  Periwinkle,  blooming under the Azaleas.

Here is the 2nd of our round flowerbeds.  This is what we call the lamppost flowerbed---and besides Pansies,  Daffodils and Hyacinths,  there are lots of Lilies beginning to grow in this bed.

I took this picture of the lower side of our yard--looking toward the empty lot.  You can see some of the Rose containers in the driveway.   George kept them inside the garage all winter, so that they could go dormant.. Once it got warmer,  he brought them outside.  ALL of them are doing well.

You can also see one of the Rose beds (which George is re-doing) --and also our 'Dad Adams' Daffodils behind the Rose bed.  The yellow Forsythia bushes are in the distance --near our woodpile.

Here's the third round flowerbed in our yard.  This is the Red Bud flowerbed.  Speaking of Red Buds,  they are really budding now --so it won't be long until they bloom.

Finally,  this picture makes it appear as if it is still winter,  doesn't it????  We still have no new leaves on our trees up here on the Cumberland Plateau.  I think most of you know that we are 2000 feet above sea level,  so things happen a little slower here on the plateau.

I have one more set of pictures taken yesterday in our yard --but I'll show them another time.  Hope you have enjoyed seeing a little of our Spring.  I have always loved the Fall of the year --but there is something extremely special about Spring, and new life and growth.  Praise be to God!

Hope your Spring is going great also.  Have a nice day!