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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thoughts of Early Spring--Part II

Be sure and read Part I first (click HERE) if you missed it. Today I will show you more photos of our yard in March of 2007. Above are our beautiful Tulips (in the side flowerbed). Below are more!

Here's more of our Tulips.. Aren't they just gorgeous?

Here's a picture of some of our Daffodils --along with more of the Tulips.

I love the pink Tulips and of course, our beautiful Daffodils (or Jonquils, or whatever you call them in your area of the country).

Here is the best picture I have ever taken of the telephone pole in our front yard... Isn't it a beauty????? ha ha (Oh how we hate that pole--but it's there. We inherited it!) Anyhow--except for the stupid pole, I love the picture of our Redbud and our white Dogwood---both blooming.

Here's one more picture of our side yard ---looking at the big side flowerbed toward the backyard.

I showed you this little round flowerbed in yesterday's post---but the one yesterday was taken at the beginning of March and this one was taken toward the end of March that year. Even the lilies are beginning to sprout.

OKAY---I mentioned yesterday that I didn't want my yard to look like this in March this year. Wonder why I said that!!!????? Well----seeing the following picture will help you to understand.

This is what happened the first of April, 2007 (AFTER that beautiful March we had had). We had a VERY hard freeze here (for about 4-5 days) ---and lost all of our Daffodils, Tulips and Lilies ----along with our Redbud, Dogwoods, and Azaleas blooms. The picture above when compared with the one above this one, shows how the freeze zapped all of the lilies --and turned them to mush.

You can read about this horrible freeze and see pictures by clicking HERE. Many of you may remember this post from April 5, 2009--when we were afraid that we were going to have another horrible April freeze. Luckily, we didn't. But--as long as I live, I will never forget the Freeze of April 2007.

Now you should know why I do not want the March beauty in our yard. I'll take it any other time--but not March. Our weather usually always gives us at least one more freeze in early APRIL---so if we have beauty, we want it to wait until after the last April freeze... The horrible freeze in 2007 was the worst I have EVER seen. You won't believe it until you see the pictures of the black leaves on the trees which had just added those new spring leaves.

SO---do I want a beautiful March like we had in 2007??? Absolutely NOT---if there is a chance we will have a freeze and lose everything in April... Okay--now you know the answer to my 'tricky' question!!!!