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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I met another Blogger Friend... WOW!!!

This past Sunday, George and I had some visitors at our house... Blogger friend, KELLY , hubby Rick, and his mom, Mary, stopped by to see our Roses and Lilies---and hopefully to see US too!!!! ha

Kelly and I have been bloggy friends for a short time ---and realized while emailing that her inlaws have just moved to Fairfield Glade, not far from where we live. SO---on their way home from vacation near Hilton Head, Kelly and Rick stopped by to see his parents. I invited all of them to come over to see us---and luckily, they DID (except for Rick's father who had taken their son fishing).

Kelly is a fairly new blogger ---and is looking for more bloggy friends, especially birders. She and Rick and their son live in Cincinnati. Here's what Kelly says about herself on her profile:

"Every Day the Bird Lover’s Way" became my mantra when I decided to take my love of birds and my desire to protect their habitat to the next level. This blog helps me unite my birdy friends and family with the wonderful world of birds…and helps me connect with other bird and nature lovers so I can learn more about the field and conservation. Thanks for stopping by!
Some of Kelly's interests besides Birding are: Yoga, Painting, Low-salt and Healthy Cooking/Eating, her hubby's and son's hockey and tennis involvement, Cornish Rex Cats, Nature, Hiking, Reading, Pottery, Conservation, Recycling, Biking, and Cello

You can see that this is one smart, well-rounded gal. I just love her to pieces!!!! The very first thing I noticed was that huge, fabulous, marvelous camera that all good birders have. Amazing!!!! (Guess my little 'point and shoot' doesn't make me a good birder, huh???? ha )

Kelly posted her visit to our house HERE if you'd like to read it. She got some great photos of our roses and lilies... She and Rick have just returned from Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge in SC. She saw some amazing birds---and said that she'll be posting them for the next few weeks. Yesterday, she posted a Painted Bunting. Wow--what a gorgeous bird. Hope you'll check out her blog.

Above is a picture of Kelly and me ---and below are a few more.

Here's Kelly and her sweetie, Rick, who also is a blogger

Above is Rick, Kelly and Rick's mom, Mary. As I said, Mary and hubby, Ron, just moved to our area. Hope they love it as much as we do.

I love this photo of Kelly and Rick with our roses and lilies in the background!!!!! (Look at her camera!!!! Wow!!!)

As I said, after meeting Leedra and Shelley this past week, it is such a JOY to meet blogger friends in person. Since Kelly and Rick have family here, I hope they will visit often. In the meantime, check out Kelly's blog.