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Monday, October 7, 2019

More Beautiful ROSES in our Yard ---Part II

Hello Blog Friends/Family... Hope your October is going well SO FAR.   We finally have some Fall-like weather here in Tennessee  after  a long long September of record breaking heat and drought....Hopefully our October will be much much nicer!!!!!

I am posting Part II of the ROSES in our yard this year... IF you missed Part I,  click HERE.   I think we have had about 69 different ROSES to bloom this year.   I can't possibly choose a favorite one --since I love them all.

Today's ROSE pictures were taken from June 11 through July 10... Sit back and ENJOY!!!!!

PINK PEACE--6/15/19

LEMON SPICE--6/15/19  (This one has been in our yard many years and is usually one of the first to bloom in the Spring.)

SEVENTH HEAVEN--6/25/19   (New in our yard this year; Love the colors)

SHEER MAGIC--7/10/19

WINTER SUN --6/16/19

ABOUT FACE--6/27/19   (Love this one and its name;  The underneath part of the petals are that dark rose color and when the rose opens up, the upper part of the petals are a tannish-yellow color...Amazing little rose that has been in our yard for many years.)

ALEC'S RED--7/07/19   (another little beauty which has been in our yard for many years,  and this bright red rose has an incredible fragrance)


TIFFANY--7/10/19 (LOVE the color of this rose)

CRESCENDO--7/1/19  (always a pretty bloomer)


COLOR MAGIC --6/18/19  (new in our yard this year;  Isn't it pretty?)
Hope you enjoyed seeing more of our amazing ROSES.... They have even done well during our heat wave and drought (thanks to George for watering them and taking such good care of them...

My son, Mark,   participated in the WALK for SUICIDE PREVENTION on Oct. 5 in Knoxville, TN. He was one of the speakers...  I have a video of his speech and have listened to it several times.  Debbie was such an amazing woman --and had so much to live for... She is greatly missed not only by Mark --but by many many friends and family members... I am so proud of Mark for doing this to raise awareness when it comes to Mental Illness.

Have an awesome week,  and reach out to help someone who may need your love/help...