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Friday, October 1, 2010

Cumberland Gap, TN --Part II

Today, I continue my tour of Cumberland Gap, TN. George and I visited there last weekend --and we enjoyed our visit very much. Above, you will see a sign for a Bed and Breakfast. Note the name. Below are more pictures.

Did you read the name of the Bed and Breakfast???? It's called "The Olde Mill"---and there's a good reason for that... This used to be an old mill! See the wheel?????

This old log building caught my attention ---but I didn't realize what it was until we read the sign. The sign says that it was the Infantry Regimental Headquarters.

We passed by this old home --and the roof caught my attention. Interesting, don't you think????

Here's a picture of the entire home... Bet this was one of the nicest homes in Cumberland Gap at one time.. Neat, huh?

Well---I've seen lots of Covered Bridges in my life --but don't think I have ever seen a Covered RAILROAD Bridge..... Have you????? WELL----I looked up some information and found out that this used to be a railroad track.. BUT--when they took out the tracks, they added the covering --for bikers and walkers. Neat idea, don't you think????

I was surprised to see another baby Cardinal (very young --since he was shaking and could not feed himself YET) with his Daddy at our feeders this week. I didn't realize that the birds had babies this late in their breeding season. BUT--it's been a great year for Cardinals, since we have had several broods here this year. So far, this is the only baby I've seen this week. Isn't he a Cutie?

George and I went to Knoxville last night to see our grandson play in the band (he's a drummer) at their football game. That was SO much fun --as you can imagine. Today we will check on George's parents in Hendersonville, TN.

Hope you have a great weekend. I'll blog again on Monday.