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Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Lights are LIT

Today is December 21... Are you READY for the birth of Jesus?  We have our lights shining in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ.  I have shared the inside of our home ---so today, I'll share the outside.  We decorate outside --but it's not elaborate like some people's decorations.  However,  it's 'us' --and the way we like things!  Hope you enjoy them.

The picture above shows our little house from the front.  We have 3 lit wreaths,  a small lit tree on the porch, and various lights/candles/bows around...

Here is a close-up of the garage side of the front..

This is a picture of one of our three wreaths in front...  They are all pretty,  each in their own ways!

Here is a close-up of our porch.  The little tree is filled with lights, red bows and candy canes... (That is a lamp shade glaring from inside.)

And here is another of our wreaths from up close.

Here is another angle of the porch side of our home.

And,  from our backyard,  here is one part of our deck.  Note the wreath on the wall also back there.  The lights on this one quit working a couple of years ago,  so it is now 'ruler' of the deck!!!!! ha  (If you are fairly new to my blog,  I'll tell you that the arbor was built when we put in the new deck to hold my bird feeders--which get put away at nights to keep the raccoons out of them.)

And the next three are pictures taken from our back yard.

For your information (in case you are wondering),  that big black looking thing in the picture is our umbrella --all folded up for the winter...  Looks kinda strange from this angle... ha

Finally,  here is my favorite wreath picture this year.  I guess the red bows and poinsettias just make it easy to get a good 'dark' picture....

Hope you and your family have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and  a HAPPY NEW YEAR... George and I plan to ----but we'll be on another Blogging Break from now until JANUARY 2, 2013.

God Bless Each and Every One of YOU ---and let's all pray for each other and for our country and world.

Much Love,