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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our WHITE Christmas

I almost didn't even post these pictures since we didn't get NEARLY as much snow as many places in our country... HOWEVER,  we did end up with about 4-5 inches --after it snowed off and on for about 2 1/2 days.  We missed the big, wet snow that clings to everything --since it went south and then east of us... We got all of our snow from the clipper system coming down from the north.  These systems bring terribly cold temperatures (wind chills in the single digits) --and bring the powdery, dry snow, including MUCH wind --blowing the snow all over the place.

On Christmas morning,   we woke up to only about an inch of snow...   By late that afternoon and all night,  it snowed again --and we picked up another two inches.  The day after Christmas (Sunday),  it snowed here most all day.   It did stop for awhile --so George shoveled the driveway.   BUT--that night,  it snowed hard again ALL night..  The driveway filled up with snow again --and we woke up Monday morning --with about 1-2 more inches of snow.   During this entire weekend,  our temperatures never got out of the 20's --and were much lower than that at nights.. I took these pictures  Monday morning --as it was finally beginning to clear up!!!!!  (And this was the ONLY time I got outside all weekend --except to fill the bird feeders.)

Here are some pictures of our White Christmas here in Fairfield Glade, TN.  Above I love seeing the snow on one of our wreaths.  Below are more.

This is one of the Holly Bushes in our front yard.

It is interesting seeing how the snow clings to the individual paving stones on our wall  (flowerbed along the road) in the front yard...

Can you see the PANSIES in this bed??????   ha ha.....   I hope the snow is protecting them from the frigid temperatures!!!!

You've seen the front of our house several times ---but here it is again all decorated for Christmas --with snow.

Several of you have asked about the back of our house --since I seldom seem to post pictures from the back..  Anyhow--this is it,  and you can see the wrap-around deck.  My bird feeding station is on the deck,  on the left.  (You can see part of the birdbath in the bottom of the picture.  We take it down during the winter since it is not heated.)

FINALLY,  for the first time in many, many days---I see some BLUE SKY....  This picture was taken from the backyard --looking toward the golf course fairway,  up the hill.  Seeing that blue sky was wonderful --since hopefully,  we'll have some sunshine soon!!!!

Well--that is it,  and I'll admit that  I was thrilled to have a WHITE CHRISTMAS --for the first time in more years than I can remember.  AND--to be honest,  I'm glad we didn't have a 'blizzard' like so many areas...  Our area here in the mountains and hills is on STOP even with a small snow..  I can't imagine how long it would take us to be able to get off of our hill if we had ALOT more snow....  We in Tennessee are not prepared for lots of snow!!!!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas,  whether you had a WHITE one or not.