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Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Precious Little Bluebirds

Here is Mama Bluebird, making all kinds of noise and staring at our Sliding Door... She is the most HYPER bird I have ever seen.... She has spent several days recently trying to 'dive' into our glass doors. For some reason (this has never happened before to us), Mama sees her reflection ---and thinks that another female Bluebird is invading her territory. She can't stand it... She flits around making all kinds of noise ---and actually scares the other birds away from the feeders...

Even when I am sitting right there on the deck with her, she is not afraid of me... BUT---she flies around constantly, making all kinds of noise... Then, she'll go and check on the babies in the nestbox --and then fly all around the yard, still making all kinds of noise. I was really afraid that she was going to hurt herself.... We finally put up an old shower curtain over the windows --and that helped a little. BUT--she remained hyper until the birds fledged sometime early yesterday morning. Yesterday, I only saw Mama Bluebird once --and she seemed to have calmed down (thank goodness).

Mama (in the midst of her turmoil) never ever neglected the babies. Can you see one with its mouth open---begging for food????

Isn't she a gorgeous little bird???? I know that she was just trying to protect her little ones ---but gee, she needed a pill to settle herself down a bit!!! Wonder what Daddy thought of Mama and her antics?????

Sorry these pictures are dark--but it is very shady where the nestbox is... In this picture, Daddy is inside cleaning up the poopy diapers---while Mama waits on top. That's Daddy's rear end that you see inside!!!

Here is Daddy leaving the nest. Both Mom and Dad are good parents.

I love this picture of Mama with her wings spread out... I seldom am lucky enough to get pictures of birds in flight.

"Hello, Little One.... Welcome to this big-ole world." Isn't he (or she) precious???? We think there were 4 babies in this brood. I guess they are up in the trees somewhere being taught about REAL LIFE now....

I hope Mom and Dad come back and do it again.... We'll clean out the nestbox this week. BUT---I hope Mama Bluebird settles herself down a little and just enjoys her babies!!!!! ha