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Monday, September 10, 2018

DAY LILIES in our YARD, 2018 --Part II

Day Lilies blooming  on 7/3/18
Dear Friends,   Today I am featuring  Part II of some of the beautiful Day Lilies that bloomed in our yard this Summer...  (If you missed Part I,  click HERE to see them.)    I will have one more set to do next week....  I don't know if you prefer seeing them close-up as singles or in larger groups.  SO-- I'll do some of both!!!   Hope you enjoy them  --and are not  'day-lilied out'.......  ha

Pandora's Box Day Lilies --6/22/18

Trahlyta  Day Lily --6/25;   I love all of the colors and designs in this one.

Savannah Debutante  Day Lilies -- 7/4/18   (This is one of our 'double' Day Lilies. Very unique!)

Double Eyeful Day Lily--6/4/18  (such a unique Day Lily)

Elegant  Candy Day Lilies  --6/22/18

Spellbinder Day Lily ---6/13/18

Charles  Johnston Day Lilies --6/22/18

Wild Horses  Day Lilies --6/19/18  (a special Day Lily every year)

Carolyn Criswell Day Lilies  7/4/18

Orange Vol  Day Lily 7/5/18  (Love my Tennessee Volunteers)

Spanish Glow Day Lilies  --6/29/18  

Pink Playmate Day Lilies ---7/5/18

Lemon Vista Day Lilies --6/22/18

Christmas Wishes  Day Lilies--- 7/3/18  (one of my favorites this year)

Night Beacon Day Lily ---6/22/18  (another one of my fav's);   The design in the middle looks like the Tree of Life --with light flashing off of it.   Night Beacon seems to be a perfect name!

Day Lily Bed  --and Canna Lilies (upper left)-- 7/6/18   (Loved our Cannas this year)

As I have said many times,  George and I love Day Lilies.   Besides being so pretty and bringing color to the yard--they are easy to grow and since we buy re-bloomers,  they will bloom again in Fall.   They die back in winter --and come back in Spring!!!!!

Any favorites today for you????? I always love hearing your thoughts.

Hope you have an awesome week.