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Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas 2010

I will joyfully share with you that we HAD a WHITE CHRISTMAS here in Fairfield Glade.  It's the first since we moved here in 2003 --and the first for me in many, many years of living in the south... I know many folks in the south were thrilled to see SNOW on Christmas this year.

HOWEVER,  the heavy snow and ice did prevent my sons from getting up here to see us.  They got stuck in Chattanooga at their Dad's --and had more snow than we did at the time.  Then it turned to ice --and because we also had more snow Sunday,  they had to cancel their plans of being able to make it up here on the mountain to see us.  I was sorta relieved since neither of them have 4-wheel drive vehicles; yet I was deeply disappointed --since I had looked forward to seeing them SO much.  Oh well---I'd rather all of us be 'safe than sorry'.

Anyhow,  George and I did have a wonderful week.  We spent several days at Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina where we enjoyed sunrises, sunsets,  the eclipse,  lots of wonderful seafood, and some beautiful Christmas lights in and around the Myrtle Beach area.  I have many pictures from that trip to share --but today,  I'll share a little from Christmas morning at our home.  Above is our tree,  the fireplace ---and you can even see the snow on the deck outside behind the Christmas tree...  This was taken when we first got up Christmas morning. Below are more.

Here is a close-up of some of our snow Christmas morning.   You can see how much the birds are enjoying the feeders on this cold, snowy morning.

It was a pretty snow --one of those heavy kinds which cling to everything.  At that time, we only had about an inch --but it has since snowed ALOT more here!!!!  The problem now is that it is so doggone cold out there,  that we couldn't stay out very long to enjoy it.

You can tell that I am a happy camper in this picture... Santa George gave me two new gorgeous Willow Angels.  This one is the Angel of Autumn and the other one is the Angel of Love.  Both are fabulous!!!!!   I also got a precious Harvest Angel from a good friend to add to my angel collection.

Santa knows how much George and I love HIKING... SO--he gave us both new t-shirts... That bright green should help us keep up with each other while hiking!!!!! ha

You can't tell in this picture,  but I now have another bird ornament,  a Black-capped Chickadee,  to add to my bird ornament collection...  He is precious!!!

Santa just HAD to give us both new waterfall t-shirts and hats...  George is modeling his hat for us.

Santa George gave me one of the cutest ornaments I have ever seen.  It's a small computer...  Have you ever seen anything so adorable????? I LOVE it.

I kept telling George that Santa KNEW I had been a good girl this year...  For some reason,  George was skeptical!!!!!!  Wonder why???? ha ha .... Anyhow,  one of my favorite gifts was a "Lap Reader"... It's a neat gadget which holds my laptop while I'm computering --either in the recliner,  or in the car!   It's fabulous!

George also got a very nice combination Book of Common Prayer and NRSV version of the Bible.  There were more small things, including ornaments,  but this is enough to give you an idea of our wonderful day.  We also enjoyed turkey, dressing, gravy, pimento beans,  sweet potatoes, cranberry relish,  and pumpkin pie with ice cream!!!!!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas--and hope that Santa was GOOD to you.