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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Comin' UP in the World

George and I are really comin' up in the world these days. I have never considered myself technically 'challenged' ---BUT I'll admit that there have been alot of changes in the past few years that have passed me right on by. My friend Judy cannot live a minute without her Blackberry. I don't have one of them , and don't even 'text' on my cellphone YET. Obviously, I'm still slowly learning, making my way up that mountain!!!!

However though, we recently purchased a High Definition DVR . Just let me tell you how wonderful it is.... We had seen how one worked when we were in Texas visiting son Mark in April, and I knew that I would love to have one. WOW--why did we wait so long????? We can now fast-forward through the commercials, record two different things at one time, and even rewind something IF we want to see it again and again. This little machine is truly fabulous...

But--that is not all!!!!! Since getting our laptop in August, we've been talking about getting some kind of wireless device so that we can go online while traveling and on vacation. Yesterday--we stopped by our wireless provider, Verizon, looking at the possibilities. We walked out with a Verizon MiFi.... I can go online with my laptop now wherever there is a Verizon signal (which is most everywhere these days). How 'bout that? Ain't that just SPECIAL???????? I'm so excited ---and will try it this coming week when we travel to Hendersonville to check on George's parents.

Well ---I may not be connected all of the time like Judy... But--I'm definitely making some progress, and learning alot along the way. Just going wireless in the house is a huge step for us. We may be taking baby steps---but we're still climbing....

Our adult kids should be proud of us!!!!! At least we're not still watching movies on the old VCR..... ha ha ha..... NOW----if all of these new devices don't quit working all at once causing us STRESS!!!!!! Surely I jest!!!!! ha ha

All pictures on today's blog came from the internet.

Have a wonderful day!!!!!


P.S. My Tennessee Volunteers didn't beat Number ONE Florida yesterday, but they played a GREAT game. Nobody believed they would do as well as they did. This young team is just beginning... They will only get better and better!!!!! Hooray!