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Sunday, March 28, 2010

More from Charleston

Here is another set of pictures from our visit to Charleston. If you missed either of the other two posts, you can look at my sidebar on the right and scroll down to LABELS. Click on CHARLESTON. Above is a picture of the church which George and I attended while there, St. Michael's Episcopal Church. That church has a fabulous set of bells (men pull the ropes), and it was great standing outside and listening to the church bells chime --as the music bounced off of all of the surrounding buildings. AWESOME!!!!!

I showed a picture two days ago of the "Two Meeting Street Inn" (a hotel now) on the Battery. Here is one of the Tiffany windows in this inn... Gorgeous, isn't it?

Many of the beautiful homes in and around Charleston have beautifully manicured gardens like this.

We walked on brick streets and cobblestone streets. AND --we visited Catfish Row... Remember "Porgy and Bess"???? Catfish Row is where "Porgy and Bess" took place.

Since most of the homes in the historic area around Charleston are million dollar homes, you can only imagine all of the fancy and very expensive cars we saw in the driveways!!!!

Fancy iron gates were abundant around the Battery area of Charleston. I could do an entire post showing all of the beautiful gates and fences and balconies.

This is the "City Market"---where everything in the world (almost) is sold . These are some of the Sweet-grass baskets made in the area.

And I saved the best for last!!!!! Many of you have asked if we saw the famous Rainbow Row in Charleston... The answer is YES.... For those of you who haven't heard of Rainbow Row, it is a row of houses (mid-1700 homes) which are now all different colors. In my picture, you can only see about four of them--but there are quite a few more along this street, all in different pastel colors. THIS is a must see for anyone visiting Charleston.

Hope you have enjoyed my three posts from Charleston.

Have a blessed Palm Sunday!!!!! Hosanna!