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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last Days at Maggie Valley

Toward the end of my stay with three childhood friends at Maggie Valley, NC, my cute little red camera quit working... No matter what I did, it was just dead. It was stuck OPEN. I had EIGHT batteries with me ---and none of them worked. BUT--I told my friends that as soon as George could use his 'magic' ---that little camera would perk up. And guess what?????? It DID.... He put some of 'his' batteries in it and it worked!!!! Well---duh??!!!! I think that camera likes George best. I'm glad it's okay--but I missed out on alot of pictures that last couple of days. Just my luck!!!! (See why I need George!!!! ha) The other gals had their cameras --but I'm hoping they will share their pictures with me.

Anyhow---we arrived at our cabin on Tuesday, the 20th. While there, the trees just erupted into beauty, with each day becoming more gorgeous than the day before. The pictures above and below were taken from the deck of our cabin on Saturday morning--before the camera died. Aren't the colors just marvelous????

Each year, the four of us take small gifts to exchange with each other. This year was no exception. The gift that I gave each of them (and even had one made for me) was a mug with our picture (taken last year in Tybee Island) on it. Here is a picture of it.

As much as I loved the trips (remember that we had THREE in a row), I will say that it's great to be HOME. Yes--there are leaves to be raked and wood to be stacked ... BUT--after all of the good eating I did this past week, I certainly need the exercise NOW.