Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JULY!!!! Our Lilies are blooming now... So gorgeous!!! Here is one of my many favorites! Meet DIZZY.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring has Sprung in the Glade

On Saturday (April 9),  I took another set of pictures of our yard.   If you missed the last sets taken on March 21 and 24, click HERE.  There are alot of differences in two weeks.  Today,  I'll show you more of our Spring blooms... Above is another picture of the side flowerbed.  We still have Daffodils blooming --but now we have lots of Tulips blooming also.  Below are more.

This is our roadside flower bed showing the white Tulips at one end and the red ones at the other end.  If you look back at the March picture of this bed,  you will be surprised at how much more growth there is now... We have roses growing,  lilies growing, daylilies growing, and irises growing in that bed...  Before long,  that bed will be totally beaming with color!!!!!

These are the gorgeous red Tulips at the other end of the roadside flower bed. Aren't they gorgeous???  I love seeing them with that beautiful blue Periwinkle around them.

I absolutely love Hosta.  It has taken me a few years to get our Hosta strong --but this year,  most of it is coming up very strong.  Above is just one picture of the Hosta which is scattered around the yard. It also looks pretty against the Periwinkle ground cover.

We have two Red Bud trees in our yard.   Above is an 'up close and personal' photo of some of the branches of our Red Bud.  It is so Gorgeous!!!!

Here is a picture of our Lamppost round bed... I showed it in my March post,  but I wanted to do it again --so you could see how the lilies are coming up in that bed.  They are going to be gorgeous!!!!  I also have said (and say again) that our Pansies (planted last fall) are the prettiest we have ever had--all over the yard.

I love this picture of our Phlox --surrounded  by Periwinkle and English Ivy.  We planted several things in this big rock bed several years ago,  trying to see what would spread the most.  The Phlox and CandyTuft have not spread nearly as much as the English Ivy and the Periwinkle.  We also have some which we call Pinks (not sure of the name) in that bed,  and they are spreading nicely --but haven't bloomed yet.

WELL--stay tuned.  As Spring evolves,  the yard will just continue to get prettier and prettier... Wish you could ALL stop by and see it in person.....

Have a great day... By the way,  I hung a couple of Hummingbird feeders on Saturday...  Hope the hummingbirds will stop by here.  Last year,  we didn't see any until about July I think....