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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Banks Genealogy

Have I ever mentioned how wonderful the internet is when doing genealogy? I have met several distant cousins who are searching for their family members --like I have been doing. They google specific names --and if they are looking for some of the same people that I'm looking for, then we connect!!!! This happened again yesterday... I got an email from a Ballard cousin in Indiana who had read something I had written about one of his relatives. We have a common Grandfather --way down the line!!!! I always get so excited when hearing from a new cousin in my life. He sent me all kinds of family information to check out... His direct line goes a different direction from mine, but our lines do meet, which is NEAT!!!! Now---all I need is MUCH more time to work on my Ballard history.

The Ballard family line and the Bruce family line are on my Mom's side of the family. I have been able to find quite a bit of information on both lines. However, I have had very little luck with my Dad's side of the family. He (I) was a BANKS---and the line is just broken...

SO--because of this wonderful internet, I have decided to begin putting some Banks names out there, so that hopefully, I can find some more distant cousins on that side of the family who will contact me. Today, I will feature my Dad and a little about his family. These are all OLD pictures (obviously--ha)---and I don't have time to 'clean them up' but you can at least see them. Above is my Dad ---taken probably when he was in his mid to late 20's (about 1915). Below are more.

Dad joined the Navy when he was about 20 yrs. old (1910-1913). He stayed in the Navy for about 4 years --and while there, got to sail around the world!!!

Dad and Mom ---during their 'dating' days!!!! They got married on Sept. 6, 1919. They had 3 children: Raymond Edgar Banks (1922-2009); James Ballard Banks (1930-1985); and me, Elizabeth Bruce Banks (1942).

These are two of Dad's brothers (twins obviously): Reuben Eli Banks (1894-1969) and Roy Bratton Banks (1894-1970). I remember both of these uncles. Reuben lived in Bristol, VA and Roy lived in Kingsport, TN.

My Dad: Simon Edgar Banks (1889-1969); This picture was taken about 1940.

Dad's parents: William Green Banks (1867-1913) and Alpha E. Witt (1867-1915); They lived in Lee County, VA. There were 8 children: Oscar, Simon, Alfred Ray, Reuben, Roy, Frankie, Thelma, Carl.

Dad's Grandparents: Alfred Banks (1841-1914) and Mary Jane Hyatt (1834-1910); Alfred Banks came from Letcher County, KY.

Dad's Great Grandparents: Williams Banks (1814-?) and Nancy Haney (1810-?); William Banks was born in North Carolina, and moved to KY.

Dad's Great Great Grandparents: Henry Banks (1785-1850) and Catharine Pruett (1789); Born in North Carolina and moved to KY

Dad's 3Great Grandparents: Nathaniel Banks (1730-?) and Jane Gould; North Carolina

Dad's 4Great Grandparent: John Banks (1686-?)

That's as far as I've gone---and I'm not totally sure how accurate this is... Hopefully, I'll hear from someone. I don't have any pictures of Dad when he was young, nor any of his family.

Here's my Dad as I remember him. He was 53 years old when I was born --and Mom was 42..

Here's my Dad with his bundle of joy. Don't you know that he spoiled me ROTTEN!!!!!! ha

If you haven't done any of your family history, do it now... Don't wait like I did until many of the family members were dead. It's harder to get info this way!!!!