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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Banks Genealogy

Have I ever mentioned how wonderful the internet is when doing genealogy? I have met several distant cousins who are searching for their family members --like I have been doing. They google specific names --and if they are looking for some of the same people that I'm looking for, then we connect!!!! This happened again yesterday... I got an email from a Ballard cousin in Indiana who had read something I had written about one of his relatives. We have a common Grandfather --way down the line!!!! I always get so excited when hearing from a new cousin in my life. He sent me all kinds of family information to check out... His direct line goes a different direction from mine, but our lines do meet, which is NEAT!!!! Now---all I need is MUCH more time to work on my Ballard history.

The Ballard family line and the Bruce family line are on my Mom's side of the family. I have been able to find quite a bit of information on both lines. However, I have had very little luck with my Dad's side of the family. He (I) was a BANKS---and the line is just broken...

SO--because of this wonderful internet, I have decided to begin putting some Banks names out there, so that hopefully, I can find some more distant cousins on that side of the family who will contact me. Today, I will feature my Dad and a little about his family. These are all OLD pictures (obviously--ha)---and I don't have time to 'clean them up' but you can at least see them. Above is my Dad ---taken probably when he was in his mid to late 20's (about 1915). Below are more.

Dad joined the Navy when he was about 20 yrs. old (1910-1913). He stayed in the Navy for about 4 years --and while there, got to sail around the world!!!

Dad and Mom ---during their 'dating' days!!!! They got married on Sept. 6, 1919. They had 3 children: Raymond Edgar Banks (1922-2009); James Ballard Banks (1930-1985); and me, Elizabeth Bruce Banks (1942).

These are two of Dad's brothers (twins obviously): Reuben Eli Banks (1894-1969) and Roy Bratton Banks (1894-1970). I remember both of these uncles. Reuben lived in Bristol, VA and Roy lived in Kingsport, TN.

My Dad: Simon Edgar Banks (1889-1969); This picture was taken about 1940.

Dad's parents: William Green Banks (1867-1913) and Alpha E. Witt (1867-1915); They lived in Lee County, VA. There were 8 children: Oscar, Simon, Alfred Ray, Reuben, Roy, Frankie, Thelma, Carl.

Dad's Grandparents: Alfred Banks (1841-1914) and Mary Jane Hyatt (1834-1910); Alfred Banks came from Letcher County, KY.

Dad's Great Grandparents: Williams Banks (1814-?) and Nancy Haney (1810-?); William Banks was born in North Carolina, and moved to KY.

Dad's Great Great Grandparents: Henry Banks (1785-1850) and Catharine Pruett (1789); Born in North Carolina and moved to KY

Dad's 3Great Grandparents: Nathaniel Banks (1730-?) and Jane Gould; North Carolina

Dad's 4Great Grandparent: John Banks (1686-?)

That's as far as I've gone---and I'm not totally sure how accurate this is... Hopefully, I'll hear from someone. I don't have any pictures of Dad when he was young, nor any of his family.

Here's my Dad as I remember him. He was 53 years old when I was born --and Mom was 42..

Here's my Dad with his bundle of joy. Don't you know that he spoiled me ROTTEN!!!!!! ha

If you haven't done any of your family history, do it now... Don't wait like I did until many of the family members were dead. It's harder to get info this way!!!!



Abraham Lincoln said...

Mine was easy. President Lincoln's genealogy was done by experts long before I became of age. Then I got interested and did mine on both sides of the family and it fit into the President's genealogy back about 5 generations. So mine was easy and is now about and inch thick of typewritten pages of genealogy though I no longer update the actual notebook, it is still up to date on the computer.

Valerie said...

Oh my golly! You said you didn't get to far - but you are way further than I am with my dad's side! I have a name for my paternal grandfather's dad - but can't get anywhere from there. My father's mother was adopted so I have two different surnames and can't get anywhere from there either.

I was so frustrated a few years back - I set it all aside and have waited. Maybe now that school is out I will renew my membership to ancestry (dot) com and see if there is any new information up.

My moms grandparents - one goes back to Berlin Germany (1850) and the other goes back to Chatham England. I am at a loss as to how to go further in those foreign countries.

You have done amazing! Congratulations on such hard work. It surely does take a lot of time. Keep up the amazing work - you might eventually get back to Noah! LOL!!

In all seriousness though - Great job! and aren't those photo's precious!!

Pam said...

My husband has been doing his family for quite awhile. His family is all from upper east TN and the Virginia area, so I bet your family and his family's paths might have crossed some time!

Pam said...

You have some wonderful photos of your family. Your right, Betsy. I should have listened closer to the stories about my family tree, but the net is a great starting point.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Betsy: So much interesting history on that side of the family. You have done a wonderful job of gathering what you have.

Dar said...

What a delight of a chore you have taken on. It's a difficult task at times. My aunt, sister, and mother have all helped trace some of our family. I too, have been trying to keep it up. It's amazing how fast, a large family grows. Very interesting. I love the picture of your parents and how your Mom has her heel raised...she was so in love with your father. And, what a cute 'little button' riding with her Daddy.
Hope your knee is feeling better

Tabor said...

What a nice reward and making friends with long lost relatives. My daughter was into this for a while before little ones took up all her time.

Harriet said...

So glad to see you doing some Genealogy, but of course you know how I love Genealogy research. Have you tried Family Search.com? It is free and there is so much information there. Good luck!!

thesouthernlady64 said...

Hi Betsy, I love looking at old photos and yours are great. I have never seen twins look more alike than those two in the picture. Your dad and the brothers have such expressive eyes! I had a niece that did our family history on both sides. She died last year and there was a room full of stuff she had on our families. Some we kept and some was donated to the history center here. I hope your knee is doing well.

Susie said...

Betsy I love that pic of you and your dad! So sweet! Have you got any relatives in MS? My mil's maiden name is Banks.

Tipper said...

Betsy-wow what amazing photos you have. You are so lucky to have them too. The Twin uncles were so handsome-and I love the one of your parents holding hands-and the last one of you and Dad in the car.

I've made some amazing geneology connections through my site too-it is amazing how folks find you when they google someone.

Enjoy your day-raining here.

Julie said...

omg...that pic of you as a baby looks just like you now!!! amazing! yes, i know your Dad spoiled you...you were a doll!!!

Sandra said...

hope you get some hits from family you don't know, it is exciting. loved all the family fotos and history. you were a baby doll. I was born in 1944

Ida from South Africa said...

Precious pics, Betsy!

Small City Scenes said...

Excellent posting Betsy.
I remember you posting some of your older relative photos and you are so fortunate to have them.
My brother and now my daughter has been doing our family history--both sides--for some time now.

It is very interesting. MB

JKoenig said...

Such precious memories to be sure....and such fun to discover something about the lives of those who proceeded you and how, when and why they came to this country.

Arkansas Patti said...

Such handsome men in your family.
You are so smart to do this. I only have one living relative who knows where all the bodies are buried and she is 83.
Probably ought to pick her brain while I still can. She can trace us back to 1600 England.

Roses and Lilacs said...

You are absolutely right about starting to collect information ASAP! Some family members have a wealth of information in their minds that will all be lost when they die. Family bibles disappear, photos vanish, county courthouses are beginning to charge for document info.

Busy Bee Suz said...

The depth of your history is astounding Betsy.
I love all your family photos...yes, you must have been spoiled. But spoiled SWEETLY and not rotten. :)
I hope you are feeling well.
hugs, Suz

imac said...

Its interesting Betsy, I have my family tree going back to my G G Grandfather, I have a relation to living in our town with the same surname and he is connected way down the line.

As you were saying about your name Banks, do you think it got changed any time like from De-Banks??

sEy said...

those were awesome pictures especially the one at the bottom, your picture with your dad.

I have few information about my family and I am starting to look for other details but until now, there's no progress.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Betsy,I hope you get to connect with some more of your relatives.THe Internet is a wonderful tool and I would be so lost without it.
How is that knee coming?
Thanks for the Anniversary wishes,its friends like you who make each day special.

LV said...

I loved your genealogy post for today. I did this several years ago for my son. It took me for ever going through all the records and micro fish but it proved to be worth it. I would get so excited when I fond one of their names. Trust you are doing okay.

DayPhoto said...

Hummm I have Pruet/Pruits on my side of the tree.


Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

I have a Aunt that does a lot on our family genealogy and she has given me copy's of it....even she hasn't been able to go back to her mothers or fathers Great Great Grandparents....I think you have done a marvelous job. I do hope you get some help from posting it here...sorry I can't help I don't
know any of the last names you listed.... I was a Price from Tn ever know any Prices. God Bless Trish

From the Kitchen said...

Hey Betsy: Hope you are continuing to heal well. While I don't recall any of the names of your family, I've certainly "stomped" on the same grounds!!


Cheryl said...

It must be fun to work on geneology and find relatives. I have never done any searching as there are a couple of family members who have done so. All of your photos were nice, and the one of you and your dad was precious. I also thought the one of your parents "courting" was wonderful!

Ginny said...

What wonderful pictures! My, what a cute chubby little baby you were!!! I'm assuming your twin uncles are not alive. I love that picture, plus the first one of your dad and the one of your mom and dad when they were dating.

Together We Save said...

Your pictures are wonderful... you have a wonderful collection of old pictures!! It was nice to learn a little about your family history!

Diane said...

Great photos, Betsy. You can do some of this geneology while you're laid up. That's the only way I get anything done - in the dead of winter. I really like your pictures. Diane

Lucy said...

I gathered up all the old histories around my house I had and put them onto a blog. I've had several family links contact me and it gets kind of fun.


It's kind of a neat way to keep them. I love this history stuff.

Pat Tillett said...

Great photos and comments. Family histories are so very interesting to me. I've also done a lot of work on my family tree. I never thought of posting it though. I'm going to to now! thanks!

Rose said...

Betsy, reading about your family always fascinates me.

wildlifewatcher said...

Yes, genealogy is fun and interesting. I like your photographs. My grandfather could have bumped into your father at some time during his U.S. Navy career. My grandfather was an enlisted man but served with great pride from 1909 until 1934 and again during W.W.II. He was in the Pacific Fleet but did work as a Recruiter in Springfield, IL and in Portland, Maine. Thanks for sharing.

Glenda said...

What priceless pics! I wish my family had kept more photos. My daddy was almost 50 when I was born, and he was about 13 years older than Mama - similar to your parents.

You've done a great job in tracking your family!

The Retired One said...

How cool, Betsy!
My husband has worked on his family tree for years now...ran into some dead ends, but he did get back pretty far...he did some of my family lines too..on my mom's side they say there was a Duke we were related to..but it has become a family joke now because no one has been able to prove it. Until then, I will just TELL people I am the Queen of the Universe. hahaa

Catherine said...

So glad you are having fun finding your family history Betsy. And such a cute photo of your and your dad ~ so sweet!

Hope your knee is doing well.
xo Catherine

SquirrelQueen said...

I love seeing old photos like these, the one of you and your dad is priceless.

I have been doing genealogy for years on both sides of my family and my husbands. I am always discovering new clues and relatives.

I also have a Pruitt/Pruett from NC on my mom's side of the family.

Daisy said...

You learn so much from working on family history. It really is fascinating the things you find out. Great pictures, Betsy. I love that last one with you and your Dad in the car. So cute!

diane said...

A great post about family history. The pictures are wonderful. I just love looking at old photos they tell you so much about the times they lived. It is fun learning about ancestors. I did it some years ago but have put it aside I should get back to it.

KleinsteMotte said...

Once you get this far make sure you preserve it well. We lost much of our stuff in a fire. We never thought to put old records in an off site storage. Duplicate it and put it online where it can be recalled like your blog!!

Pedaling said...

my parents have done much of our family genealogy...you know it's big in the Mormon faith and we have very helpful sites regarding genealogy work aka fun!
have you checked any of them out? they are very helpful.

here's our main one- it's there for any to use, with no strings attached. :)


Diane AZ said...

How wonderful that you've done all that research and are connecting with distant cousins. Great pictures, I love the one of your parents during their dating days and especially the one of your dad in the car with you on his lap!

Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

Nice pictures of your father and his family members. I really liked the picture of you and your dad, sitting in the car.

Bird Girl said...

It's always fun to see these posts and all the wonderful pictures you come up with! Those twin brothers sure are handsome ;-)
I'm glad you found a man like George to continue what your dad started ;-) A little spoiling is good for knee recovery :-)