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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Somebody HAS to Do It

Yesterday morning, while George and I were sitting at our computers watching the early news on TV, we heard LOTS of noise coming from our neighbor's house next door. Being the curiousity seekers that we are, we checked it out. There was a tree service (with about 6 men) trimming trees in my neighbor's back yard. So---what else does a blogger do but go to the side door of our deck and take some pictures!!!!! The guy WAY up in that tree actually waved at me once. I was glad that he is NOT my son up there doing that kind of work. Yipes!!!!! BUT---they have their jobs down to an art--and I enjoyed watching them.

Our area has many big shade trees (thank goodness) --and sometimes after these trees have grown so much, they do hang over our houses in some cases. We will need to have some of ours trimmed sometime also. Our neighbor's house is newer than ours ---and doesn't have nearly as many trees around it, so I was surprised to see them trimming their trees. But I do notice that many of the newer homes being built up here don't have nearly as many trees in their yards... We personally love our huge trees... AND our birds love them also. Here are some pictures I took yesterday morning from our deck---looking toward our neighbor's home next door. The guy in the tree was about 25-30 feet up there.

These guys really knew what they were doing... The one guy UP in that tree was just like a monkey crawling around up there. I'll bet, when he was a little boy, he probably loved climbing trees. They used ropes to attach to the big limbs as they fell, so that they wouldn't fall hard on the ground --or on the flowerbed below. The guys on the ground immediately cut up the limbs and took them out to their machine where they turned them into sawdust. As I said, I was impressed with this job---and they did a great job of cleaning up after themselves. IF and when we get our trees trimmed ---we'll call that company!

You know---there are all kinds of jobs out there for people. Some of them aren't this dangerous, but it really bothers me when someone goes for months and months without a JOB. It may not be the job he/she wants, but by darn---it IS a job and somebody has to do it.

Here are a couple of photos I took yesterday of the huge trees around our house... You can also see the pretty dogwood tree to the left, in our front yard.

Here's the other side of our house---showing the trees. The smaller one in front is a Redbud. By the way, it may look as if our trees are over the top of our home, but they are not---CLOSE, but not there yet.

Thanks SO much for all of your wonderful comments after my "Opinion" Blog yesterday. I learn so much from you ---and I have found that many of you 'younger ones' really have a better feel as to how to handle situations like mine than I did/do.... You seem to be able to ignore it for what it is... Wish I were more like you!!!!! I'm learning though---even at age 67!!!! Thanks again.

I'll close with a picture of our pretty front yard ---after George mowed yesterday. The roses love this cooler weather --and are showing off right now.

Thanks again for visiting my blog. I love you all!