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Thursday, July 14, 2011

July Backyard Birds

I've been home from our trip since June 28 -----and I'm just now doing a "Bird Blog"....  What's up with that??????  ha ha..... WELL, first of all,  I put all of my bird seed and feeders AWAY for the 3 weeks we were gone...(I knew that the raccoons would get them the first day or two anyhow!)  SO---when we got home,  I had a little fear that the birds would forget me and NOT come back.  Many people had assured me that they WOULD return --but I wasn't totally sure.  Guess what though?????  They did return!!!!  Yeah!!!

SO---since I know you are yearning for one of my famous bird blogs (GAG),  I am going to show you some of my sweeties who posed for the camera this week... Above is one of my good buds,  a PILEATED WOODPECKER. We have 3 of them --who flit around the trees in the backyard  --taking turns at the suet feeder... SO CUTE!!!!

Next is another favorite woodpecker of mine,  our  NORTHERN FLICKER.  This one is a female since she doesn't have a mustache.

Here's a regular visitor also, and is our tiniest woodpecker,  the DOWNY.  I think she was the first one back to the feeders when I put them up on June 29.  It's as if she was 'watching'... She does not have a little red spot on the back of her head like the males do.

Another frequent visitor is one of our noisy BLUE JAYS.  They are pretty birds and are with us except during the winter... I don't know where they go ---but they leave my home! Male and female Bluejays are VERY similar in appearance.

Always a favorite,  the AMERICAN CARDINALS frequent our area --and they were happy to see me come home I'm sure.  They have been busy (like most of our birds) having babies. They are the first birds at the feeders early in the morning and the last ones to come at night.
Above is Daddy Cardinal ---and he looks a little bedraggled since I took his picture after a rain storm.  He also is beginning to molt. BUT--he's still a beautiful little bird.  Wonder what that is in his mouth????  Looks like a green leaf....?????

More colorful summer beauties are our GOLDFINCHES.  We have had many Goldfinches around this summer.   This one is a female ---as she is duller than the males and doesn't have black on her head.

This little beauty,  one of our MOURNING DOVES,  loves to 'take over' the big plate feeder ---and protect it from other birds.  They are at the feeders in the late evenings more than any other time of day.  The plate feeder is close to our door--and I was taking the picture JUST  inside the door. He was 'watching' me --but didn't fly away when I got so close. The males have a blue head/nape and the females have a brownish gray head/nape.

Finally,  here is one more CUTIE PIE for you...
WHOOPS----how did this one get in this blog post??????  Goodness Gracious.... Maybe I will name her a "DEER-BIRD"... ha ha ha.....  (Just couldn't resist putting this one in for you...  She was having a staring contest with me when I took this picture recently.... I was telling her to stay away from our Lilies and Roses!!!!  Think she will listen??????)

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my little Cuties....

Remember NOT to miss my blog post on Friday....  It's one which will probably make you say  "WOW"... At least I hope so!!!!!