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Friday, February 20, 2009

High School Hang-outs!

Aw---what memories!!!! Recently, two things have happened to remind me of a couple of my high school hang-outs. First, I got an email from someone I had never met--who had googled about the Country Boy Drive-In in Big Stone Gap, VA. The google search led him to my original blog, since I had mentioned this old hang-out in a previous blog which I wrote in 2007. We enjoyed sharing memories from my hometown of Big Stone Gap, VA. Isn't the internet wonderful for finding information, and meeting people?

The other incident happened just this week when I was talking to one of my blog friends about another old hang-out called Carmines. SO---because I have obviously been reminded of these hang-outs recently, I decided to share them with YOU.

Above (on the right) is a little restaurant called Carmines. Carmines was located in downtown Big Stone Gap ---and it was the 'place' where teens hung-out for many years!!!! What I remember most about Carmines was the FOOD... (So what else is new??? ha).. I used to buy two of the best chili buns (no wiener in them; just delicious home-made chili) in the world in Carmines along with a coke all for a whopping 25 cents!!!! My my--wonder what 25 cents would buy me now? A piece of bubble gum maybe!!!??? ha ha... WELL---there are many other things I remember about Carmines including the pinball machine in the back. My friend Susan even mentioned getting in trouble for playing the pinball machine. Overall, I just remember Carmines being a neat place (and safe) for teens to gather!!!! Do you have a favorite teenage hangout???

Secondly, the picture below was another hang-out---once we all could drive!!! This drive-in was called the Country Boy. Susan remembered that she and Johnny would 'back' in---and watch all of the people go by. I don't remember the food there, but I do remember it being a very special place for all of us kids to be!!!!!

This is an old (and not very good) picture of the Country Boy Drive-In---where all of us teens would meet and just hang-out!!!! Friend Jim said that he thinks the car in the foreground was his old '49 Buick Dynaflow.

Memories???? Aren't they great??? I especially am so glad that I had the privilege of growing up in such a great little, mountain town in the southwestern corner of Virginia. Neither Carmines nor the Country Boy Drive-In are there anymore. Wonder where kids from BSG hang-out these days????? Now share your special places!!!!