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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beautiful Drive from Tennessee to North Carolina to Georgia

As many of you know, George and I have been in Dillard, GA for a couple of days. (We're on our way home today!) We drove here to spend yesterday at Tallulah Gorge. We were here during our wedding anniversary this past June, and fell in love with this beautiful gorge and its many waterfalls.

At that time, we learned that there are a few times during the year when water is released from the dam.. Yesterday was one of those days----so we traveled here to see all of those waterfalls with TONS of water coming over them. All I can say is WOW.... Even though it rained the entire time we were there, we LOVED it... I will show pictures (since we only took about 135-- ha) soon.

Today though, I will show you some pictures taken on Tuesday on our way to Dillard. As I've mentioned several times before, when George and I travel we usually see some waterfalls along the way. That was true on Tuesday since we saw three new ones.

We had a beautiful drive through the Fontana and Franklin areas of North Carolina. Above is a beautiful picture taken from the top of the mountain on the "Tail of the Dragon" (Highway 129) between the North Carolina and Tennessee borders. You can see the Cheoah Dam in the distance. IF you saw Harrison Ford in the "Fugitive", this was the dam where he jumped. Remember????? Below are more pictures.

We saw this waterfall in Rabun Gap, Georgia. Its name is SYLVAN LAKE FALLS. There is an old mill beside the waterfalls --and includes a Bed and Breakfast.

We were looking for a waterfall named Dick's Creek Falls, but didn't find it. However, we did find a pretty cascade named WARWOMAN CREEK CASCADES. This cascade is in Clayton, GA.

This is my favorite picture (George took it) ---and my favorite waterfall of the three which we saw on Tuesday. This one (also near Clayton, GA) is named after some of my blogger friends --since its name is BECKY BRANCH FALLS. This waterfall requires a short hike UP the mountain. But--once you get to the falls, there is a little bridge where you get an 'up-close-and-personal' view.

The trail makes a loop around the area ---and I enjoyed seeing Rhododendrons and Laurels along the creek. Beautiful area!!!!

The Sugar Maples were in full bloom in Clayton, GA this week.

Here's one last picture of the beautiful mountains surrounding the Cheoah Dam. I love this picture---showing the puffy clouds. You???

As I said above, we are on our way home today from Georgia. AND --tomorrow morning we leave early (about 5 a.m.--yawn) for Jacksonville, FL. We will attend a Memorial Service for my brother on Saturday morning. We'll be home on Sunday.