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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Waiting Impatiently

Here on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, we've enjoyed several days of very cool, almost Fall-like weather. I even had my sweatshirt on for a couple of days!!!!! I almost asked George to build us a fire in the fireplace---but I decided to wait a little longer before we do that (although I love having a roaring fire in the fireplace).

ANYHOW----all of that being said, our cooler days seem to be OVER now... BUT---that just makes me want to see Fall even more!!!!! I'm not a very patient person ----so I decided to show you why I'm so excited to see Fall come sooner rather than later!!! Enjoy our Fall (from a previous year) here in Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. I can only hope that our colors will be as pretty or prettier this Fall!

This picture was taken from the golf course fairway near our home.

Another view from the cartpath on the golf course near our home

A view across one of the many lakes here in Fairfield Glade; Aren't the Fall colors gorgeous????

The Lutheran Church steeple surrounded by color

This is my favorite tree in our yard--since I love red trees!!!!

Same tree in our front yard--from the other side

This picture is taken from the front yard---looking toward the back

This is our backyard. Now do you see why I'm READY for Fall???? I love it --and it cannot get here soon enough for me (even though I will have TONS of raking to do for 2-3 months).