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Monday, April 4, 2016

2016 Daffodil Varieties in our Yard

Welcome to APRIL.  Luckily,  our winter this past season here on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee wasn't brutal (like 2015--when we had all of the damaging ice storms).  We got a little snow and some freezing temperatures,  but overall,  I would call it a fairly mild winter comparatively.

SO---March brought us some beautiful flowers (Crocuses, Hyacinths, and Daffodils to name a few).   Our little scrawny Forsythia bloomed this year for the first time since we planted it several years ago, so we were happy.  The Forsythia and the Red Buds were both gorgeous this month...   March brought many SMILES to our faces while 'walking the yard'!!!!

The Daffodils in the area have been extremely pretty this year.. We have had a yard-full... That's one flower the deer don't seems to munch on---so most all of the  homes in this area have been showing off Daffodils...  By the way,  I grew up calling them JONQUILS ---but nobody else seems to call them that these days,  so I now call them Daffodils --even though there are many, many varieties (Jonquils,  Narcissus, etc.)..

Today I will show you some of the different varieties of Daffodils in our yard this year.  I used to know the names ---but there are so many similar ones (many with different names through the years, depending upon where you buy them) that it's hard to know the names these days.  Also many places sell Daffodils in a collection --so no specific names may not be available. Most people are just happy seeing the different varieties --up close and personal!!!  Hope you enjoy them.  The picture at top is a variety that George brought inside for me to enjoy.  Aren't they beautiful?

This yellow/yellow Daffodil is probably the most common, and a favorite to many.  It's name is Colossal,  and when we ordered Daffodils years ago to plant,  we got most of them from Breck's online.  But their names/varieties have changed through the years.  (photo taken on 3/15/16)

White Lion Daffodil  (new name-from one we used to use)--Photo taken on 3/13/16;

 Chromacolor Daffodil  (unsure of name)--photo taken on 3/15/16;

Wild Carnival Daffodil (photo taken on 3/15/16)

Easter Bonnet  (unsure of name)--photo taken on 3/15/16;

Las Vegas Daffodil  (photo taken on 3/16/16)

Replete Daffodil  (photo taken on 3/16/16)

We call these 'Dad Adams Daffodils'  since he gave us so many for our yard... Some people call them Paperwhites.  These will always be a favorite of ours --and we can think of Dad when they bloom.  (Photo taken on 3/22/16)

Fortissimo Daffodil  (photo taken on 3/22/16)

Tahiti Daffodil  (photo taken on 3/28/16)

And one of my favorites, Mt. Hood Daffodil;  This one has bloomed really good in our yard this year! (photo taken on 3/25/16)
We probably had more varieties which I failed to get pictures of this year.  For example,  I didn't get a picture of our little Quail Daffodils since they didn't do as well this year.  BUT--you get the idea  when seeing all of these different beauties up close and personal.  Daffodils are SO easy to grow --and they come back every year!!!

I am working on more upcoming posts from the yard --so stay tuned!!!!!  We also made a trip to Biltmore recently (many of these are being used on my headers this month).  AND--we have two short trips planned in April...  Life is FUN!!!!

Hugs to all,