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Friday, January 25, 2013

More from Rocky Mountain National Park

On September 17, 2012,   after traveling on the Old Falls River Road ---next we went south to Grand Lake.  (If you have missed any of my blog posts from our West Trip this past fall,  you can click HERE to see any or all of those 10 posts.)  The weather was 'iff-y' --but even though there was rain around us,  we didn't have any much that day.  The picture above shows some beautiful sunbeams peeking through the clouds as we traveled along the Trail Ridge Road.

We stopped at Poudre Lake at Milner Pass to check out the lake and Continental Divide.  Here is a collage with some of our pictures.  We took a short hike in that area ---and I took that picture of George standing in front of that HUGE evergreen tree.

Next,  we got to the Grand Lake area ---and took a hike to see Adams Falls.    The photo above is of GRAND LAKE,  near the parking area where we hiked to the falls.

Here is a collage of pictures taken at Adams Falls.   I think George was happy that someone named that waterfall after HIM... How 'bout that?   The picture on the right shows a little bit of the trail to the falls.  It was a pretty area.

George took this picture of me on the trail at Adams Falls.

On the road back up the mountain,  we experienced quite a bit of interesting weather.  That made for some great sky pictures....

Here's one more great picture of the sky showing the Sunbeams which George took.  Isn't it beautiful?

And here is one I took of George at one of the overlooks that day.  We could see all of the rain around us!!!!  Amazing pictures!!

Finally,  before leaving the park,  we had to stop and see the ELK one more time.  They are gorgeous animals.

That is the end of our visit to the Rocky Mountain National Park.  The next day (Sept. 18)--we headed to Yellowstone.  Many more photos and posts to come!!!!

George and I spent a couple of wonderful days in the SMOKIES this week..  BUT--we came home early since our area is expecting an ICE STORM today....  If you don't hear from me for awhile, then just know that we have lost our electricity due to heavy ice.  I hope and pray that it won't happen --but we are home, safe and sound, and we have a fireplace and plenty of food,  if it does.  Please say a Prayer for everyone in the path of this storm.  Snow is one thing --but ICE is something that nobody ever wants.  It can be so dangerous and cause so many, many problems.

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you on Monday. (I hope).