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Friday, December 3, 2010

A Story You Will NOT Believe

Have you ever gotten involved in a MESS when you least expected it????? WELL--when we were having dinner at Deerpark Restaurant (see yesterday's blog), I was sitting at our table just as happy as a lark eating my Pumpkin Apple Cider Bisque ---when all of a sudden the cork from someone's wine bottle across from us, blew its top ---and the cork flew directly into my Pumpkin Bisque. (Now---don't laugh!!!!! It may be funny even to me now--but it wasn't then!)

The bisque went ALL OVER ME.... (That obviously is not me--in the picture above---but that's probably the way I looked!!!) Imagine seeing pumpkin all over your shirt, your arm, your jacket--which was behind you, the floor, the window, the tablecloth, the menu, your pants, even your shoes, etc. etc. etc...... The wait staff came running since I just sat there --not knowing what to do... They brought me a wet napkin --so I wiped and wiped and wiped the pumpkin off of me the best that I could... They came and cleaned up everything else that they could....

They apologized and said that that has NEVER happened before... SURE!!!!! I will say that everyone was very nice ---and did everything they could to make us 'happy' under the circumstances.... They even brought us FREE wine to drink!!!!! Guess they thought that would ease the pain embarrassment.

I was a very good little girl though (unlike the girl in the picture above)---and didn't allow that incident to upset me... I just walked around the buffet line with spots all over my shirt and pants--and just smiled at everyone I saw... (Who was that funny-looking woman with food all over her????)

Luckily, I didn't have on a white or light-colored blouse that day.. It was dark green --so the spots weren't 'too' obvious... I was determined to enjoy my dinner --and I did (every drop of it).... AND--I even went back for more Pumpkin Bisque.... ha

Now--I know that my good friend NEAL will love this story---and he'll swear to you that "I" am the one who had been into the wine!!!!!! He won't believe the 'true' version... Wonder why?????? Why wouldn't anyone believe that a cork from a wine bottle on another table would fly like lightning right into the middle of my bisque, and splatter it all over me???

At first, I thought that someone had shot a gun because the noise was so loud.... Don't things like this happen all of the time????????? ha ha.... This is one time that I'm sure that Neal and George would love to have had ME on video... But this time---I was truly INNOCENT ... Rare, I know!!!! ha......NOW--you can laugh and laugh and laugh.... It's rather funny NOW when thinking about it... This could ONLY happen to ME!!!!!! ha ha

Here are a few more pictures from Deerpark Restaurant---a place I will never forget!!!

Here is another picture of the outside of that gorgeous restaurant... I looked a little nicer going in than I did coming out!!!!!! ha ha

And --here is another picture of the courtyard which is the open area in the middle of the four wings of this facility. Everything looked so pretty--all decorated for Christmas!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay away from the Pumpkin Apple Cider Bisque.... I'll see you on Monday!!!!

P.S. The first three pictures came from the internet!!!!