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Friday, May 9, 2014

Around our Yard this past month

White Dogwood
George and I love to 'walk the yard' most every morning --taking pictures of new flowers/growth.  SO--I put together a group to share with you today.  These pictures were all taken on various days in our yard beginning on April 5 and concluding with May 4, 2014.  Hope you enjoy them!  Be sure to click on them for enlargements.

White Dogwood bloom;  (I made a huge deal in an earlier blog about our pretty Pink Dogwood --but hadn't shown off the white ones yet!)

Taken from the road--looking toward one of our redbuds and our big white dogwood  (See my Sweetie working hard???)

Here's a very pretty and interesting TULIP... Any idea what its name it????

PEPPERMINT STICK TULIP  (perfect name,  isn't it?)

Wild VIOLETS in our Yard  (We don't have many--but they are pretty though when they bloom.)

Another photo showing off our big REDBUD while it was in bloom;  You can also see Tulips and Daffodils in bloom then---AND George is starting to put his container Roses along the driveway.

Looking UP the street --showing off the beautiful White Dogwoods

Beautiful PHLOX in our big side rock bed!

FIRST CHERRY BLOSSOM TULIP  (I will have an entire blog post showing off our Tulips--like I did the Daffodils,  but haven't put it together yet.)

One of the 6 AZALEA bushes in our backyard

Another of our Backyard AZALEAS;  I love this color!

One of many HOSTAS in our yard;  I especially like this one --although I love them all.

Our first blooming IRIS this year,  named Honey Glaze;  I'm sure I'll have a blog post showing off all of our Irises --once they bloom. 

JUST the BEGINNING of our beautiful RHODODENDRON;  Once the blooms all open,  this one will be gorgeous --and I WILL share more photos!

These next four photos show our HOME during various dates this past month... Amazing all of the differences---and the best thing is that not everything blooms all at the same time,  so we can enjoy our flowers throughout Spring ---and Summer and even into Fall.

APRIL 5-- Only things blooming then were lots of Daffodils,  Crocuses, and Hyacinths

APRIL 10---Daffodils blooming --and Tulips beginning to bloom

APRIL 17 --Big Changes!!!  Redbuds (on right) and Pink Dogwood (left) blooming and a few leaves popping out on our big trees!!!!

MAY 3---LEAVES on BIG Trees--and lots of growth from our Roses;  Pansies and Irises blooming now!
Amazing,  isn't it??? Spring is just SO awesome!!!!  Now --while waiting on more Irises to bloom and more Azaleas and our Rhododendron,  we are also waiting on Lilies and Daylilies and of course,  our beautiful Roses!!!!!!   SO--I'm sure you'll get to see many more photos from our yard!

My surgery is OVER --and I did well... Had it by the laparoscopic method --so I was HOME by 2:00 pm  (after getting to the hospital at 6:15 am)....  I am sore (to be expected) and will take it easy for awhile---but things went well--so I'm not complaining.  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Have a FANTASTIC and BLESSED weekend.