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Friday, April 26, 2013

More Backyard Birds

There have been a few more birds visiting my feeders recently...  So today,  I will share some photos for you. Above is a bird who visits us regularly from spring through fall each year.  It is a Brown Thrasher.  Be sure to click on the photos in order to see enlargements.

I love putting peanuts out for the birds.  The Blue Jays LOVE them!!!

Mama Bluebird loves the mealworms I put out for them... Another bird that likes the mealworms is the Carolina Wren.

Our male Goldfinches are getting their gorgeous yellow and black colors now.

How many Pine Siskins will fit on a plate?? ha ha.. The Pine Siskins weren't around much at all until recently --but there are LOTS of them these days!!!

I love this photo of one of our resident Mourning Doves.  Two of them are around --most of the times in the evenings.  They do like to 'hog' the plate feeder!!!

This is not a good picture (I was shooting through the screen door) --but I wanted you to see the Crossbills one more time.  They (and the Purple Finches) were around here for a few days--but I haven't seen them lately.  There were at least two of them --and I love their 'rust' colors!!!

Here's one more picture of a CROSSBILL up close and personal.  Again,  I apologize for the photo quality due to the screen door being between me and the bird.

Here is a cute little Chipping Sparrow.  We have a few of them around these days --but not too many.  They are cute little birds.

Mr.  Pileated is gazing up at the suet feeder... He acted like he had never done that before --so he was figuring out what to do!!!!

WELL---he made it!!! He climbed the pole --and enjoyed some suet for lunch!!!  Oh--such a pretty bird!!!!

I was THRILLED to get so much great response to my blog post this past Monday on Introverts and Extroverts...  Click HERE to see that post and the comments.  There are some great comments --and it appears as if MOST of us are adaptable to the situations around us, and most of us have a little introvert AND a little extrovert in us.  I'll do another similar post sometime since most of you seemed to enjoy it.  

Hope you also enjoyed seeing some of my backyard birds today...  Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you on Monday.  (By the way,  I hope you didn't miss my Photo Blog picture on Wednesday.  Click HERE if you missed it.   Hope you enjoy it!)