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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Best of Mt. Nebo, Arkansas

The advantage of having so many different pictures to go through after a week's vacation is that I can usually find some that I REALLY like. The disadvantage is the time that it takes to go through over 800 pictures, categorize them into separate folders, and then pick and choose favorites...

Today, I'm showing you eight of my favorite Mt. Nebo pictures. Above is my favorite sunset picture (taken on Feb 24). I took this picture standing on our back porch at the cabin. Below are more.

We hiked down to see the Mt. Nebo waterfall---and were not disappointed. This is just one of many great pictures --but I like this one because you can see all of the ice and icicles around the falls, in addition to the rocks and path BEHIND the falls. Obviously, we couldn't walk behind the falls this time since there was WAY too much ice.

There were lots of deer on the mountain---and they were almost 'people-friendly'... IF I had have had some corn with me, I think this one would have come all of the way up to the car!

We have many icicle pictures ---but this is one of my fav's... Looks like some of them are 'curly'.... ha

Here's another gorgeous view from our cabin---looking down into the valley (and beyond). We loved that blue-blue-blue sky!!!!

One of the many rock formations all over Mt. Nebo; That looks like King Nebo himself at the top... See him?????? He's smiling!!!

Have you ever seen a "Stick Bug"??????? WELL---let me tell you---they grow them pretty huge up here, don't you think?????? ha ha

Finally, we drove to Sunrise Point about 6:30 a.m. on Feb. 24, and look what we saw!!!! This sunrise was the beginning of a beautiful day!!!! You can see the reflections from the Arkansas River in this picture.

Hope you enjoyed eight of my favorite pictures from Mt. Nebo!!!! If you ever get a chance to visit there, we highly recommend it.