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Monday, March 2, 2015

Part 4 of our "Weather Week to Remember"-- 2/19/15

Blue Skies after our little SNOW STORM  on 2/18
After our snow storm  on 2/18 (which I loved),  the SUN came out... SO--George and I got some good pictures the afternoon of the 18th and also on the 19th.... There's nothing more gorgeous than to see the sun hitting a newly fallen snow and the trees --as they glistened like  jewelry!!!!!  Hope you enjoy this group...Click to enlarge!!!!

Since the ice from Monday's Ice Storm (2/16) was still with us,  the trees were showing off their beauty after the Snow Storm.  I love to see the glistening trees.  You?

The Icicles around our home just got bigger and bigger as we progressed through our week. Remember that our temperatures stayed blow freezing most all of the week --so we had very little melting.

This photo really shows off our glistening trees  when the sun came out. 

This is an 'up close and personal'  picture of the ice hanging off of one of our Holly Bushes in the front yard....

I was standing behind this big icicle on our front porch... SO pretty!!!

Loved the dark blue sky here ---and some snow on some of the larger branches;

Sun, puffy clouds,  snow, glistening trees and shadows;   Looks so peaceful,  doesn't it?  (Sorta like the CALM  before the STORM)

Ice coating every single twig/branch/limb EVERYWHERE;  Dangerous for the trees (as you will find out in my next post) --but so pretty to feature in photos;

I just kept taking more and more pictures of the Glistening Trees!!!!

Beautiful Icicles---along our front porch  (actually almost all around the house);  I enjoyed getting this picture from the porch looking toward the sky...

If you have missed any of these FOUR posts so far,  you can click HERE to see any or all of them... (They will be in reverse order starting with today's post and working backwards.)

The reason I want you to see all of the pictures so far is because Part 5 is a SAD one to see.... I'll share some of Storm Number THREE of the week (2/21/15).  This one was a huge ICE STORM with winds up to 50 mph  (much worse than Storm 1)---and it was (and still is) horrible around our entire area.  They said it was equivalent to a Category 2 Tornado.  More on this next time.

Check out my Photo Blog (click HERE)  for a neat picture of some Evergreen Fingers!!!!

All I can say is that I hope that MARCH is a much better month for Tennessee than February was!!!!!!  Have a wonderful week and WELCOME to March... Don't forget to check out my new quotes on the right sidebar.   Love to ALL.